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10+ ways to share your photos privately

Share your photos privately.

Whenever we think of sharing a photo with someone, most of us use social media platforms.

But whenever we do this, that photo is visible to everyone, which is not suitable for our privacy. Although social media platforms provide the option of chatbox but are social media safe nowadays?

And when we email our images or photos, it is very tiring work. Sometimes because of big-size images, we cannot share multiple images at once via email.

Well, there are many such ways with the help of which you can share your photos, but in this article, I will tell you about such methods, with the help of which you can share your pictures with your friends or family with end-to-end encryption.

1. Share your photos on Google Photos

Google photos

Google Photos is a very significant and easy way to save your photos or share them with anyone. Uploading and sharing photos on Google Photos does not have to do much work, and you can easily share photos.

On Google Photos, we get the option of whether we want to share our photos publicly or privately. With Google Photos, you can also share pictures on your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Advantages of Google Photos:

  1. Share photos with anyone.
  2. You can send pictures privately to anyone.
  3. Access photos from anywhere and from any device.
  4. Photos quality does not have to be compromised like WhatsApp.
  5. google photos platform is free

Upload photos on Google Photos

To upload the photos on Google photos, please open the Google photos on your desktop or mobile. Google photos application is also available on PlayStore.

Step1: Find ‘Upload’ Option

Upload option to upload photos on Google Photos

You can find the ‘Upload’ button in the upper right corner on the Google Photos platform on a desktop or laptop.

Step2: Select Upload from

Select Computer or Google Drive to upload photos

Select Computer or Google Drive to upload your photos if you have your pictures on your computer, select computer or select Google to drive if you have your images on your google drive.

Step3: Select photos and choose quality

Select quality of photos to upload

When you upload your photos, then you will be asked to choose the upload size. You can select between ‘Orignal quality’ and ‘Storage saver’ options.

After the selection, click on the ‘Continue’ button.


Uploaded images on Google Photos

That’s it. Now you have your images or photos on Google Photos.

Share photos from Google Photos

We can easily share photos with our family or friends from Google Photos. We can communicate on Facebook and Twitter also.

We can also create a link for selected images to share with others.

Step1: Select your photos

Select single or multiple photos

Step2: Click on share and select person

Share photos from Google Photos

Enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send the photos. You can also create a group if you’re going to share in the group.

To share the link, you can also create a link from the ‘create link’ icon.

Step3: Send image

Send photos

Write a message if you want to write some and click on send icon.

2. Share images on iCloud

icloud photos

iCloud is also cloud storage like Google Photos. You can use up to 5GB of iCloud storage for free, and if you want more storage, you’ll have to pay for it.

Advantages of iCloud

  1. Share photos privately and publicly
  2. Access photos from any device, anywhere
  3. It’s free to use
  4. Upload 100% original quality

Upload images to iCloud

If you are using iPhone or any Apple device, then you can set auto-upload images to iCloud. But if you want to upload your pictures manually, click on photos after login and follow the steps below.

Step1: Click on the upload icon

You can find the upload icon in the upper right corner. Find that icon and click on it.

Step2: Select and upload

Select images from your devices and upload them. Now you will have your photo uploaded on iCloud.

Share images from iCloud

Step1: Select photos

10+ ways to share your photos privately

You can select single or multiple photos from the list. Select the images which you want to share.

Step2: Click on the share icon

10+ ways to share your photos privately

Click on the share icon and find the option to share. You will have a minimum of 2 options to share one is email, and the second is a copy link.

If you want to send photos on email of any person, choose email, or you can create a link to share the images by clicking on the copy link.

Step3: Share by e-mail

If you want to send images by email, click on the email option, open your mail, and type the email address where you want to send the photos.

Step4: Share by link

Click on the copy link, and then you will have the sharable link to share your images with anyone.

3. Use Dropbox to share images privately


If you have Google or Apple account, you can quickly sign in to dropbox or easily create an account on DropBox.

Dropbox is popular cloud storage for files and folders. You can upload any file on Dropbox, so you can also upload images to your Dropbox storage.

Advantages of Dropbox

  1. Free up to 2GB
  2. Easily upload and share any file with others
  3. Specify permission to access a particular file or folder
  4. Can create a public link to share photos

Upload images or files on Dropbox

Step1: Click on the upload button

After login, you can upload files or folders by clicking on the upload button. When you click on the upload button, you can see two options, ‘files’ and ‘folder,’ in the drop-down list.

Step2: Select files or folder option

Select ‘files’ if you want to upload single or multiple images. To upload the image folder at once, select the ‘folder’ option and upload the images folder.

That’s it.

Share images from dropbox

Step1: Click on the share icon

Hover the mouse on the file and find the share icon. Click on that icon.

Step2: Enter an email address or create a link

If you want to send that image or multiple images to a single person, you can enter that person’s email address.

To share photos with sharable links, click on create a link and share that link with receivers.

Step3: Click on share file

After entering the email, click on the share file button. You can share any file from dropbox.

4. One Drive is one of the best options to store and share photos

One Drive

Microsoft owns one Drive cloud storage, and if you use Microsoft services like Outlook, you can use this One Drive cloud storage.

I don’t know how much cloud storage is available online, but One Drive is one of the best cloud storage we can trust.

We can upload and store our images on One Drive and share those photos with anyone.

Advantages of One Drive

  1. Access unlimited files with any device and anytime
  2. A secure and free platform to store photos
  3. Easy to use and share files with others
  4. Store multiple types of files

Upload photos or files on One Drive

The photos upload process is very simple on One Drive. You need to log in or create an account on any Microsoft service like outlook. After login to One Drive, please follow the steps below.

Step1: Click on Upload

When you click on the Upload button, then two options will come to select in dropdown. One is files, and the second is the folder. Choose any one which you want to upload.

Step2: Select files and upload

Select file or folder and choose from your device and upload them. Automatically all photos or files will be uploaded to your One drive storage.

Share Photos from One Drive

To share photos with others, you have to follow some simple steps, and efficiently you can share your photos with anyone.

Step1: Select your pictures, files, or folder

You can select the images with the checkbox on the images. Or, if you want to share the folder, then select your folder.

Step2: Click on the Share icon

You can find the share icon in the top left corner. Click that icon and enter the email address to send your images or folders to share.

Note: You can create a shareable link by clicking on the ‘copy link’ option.

5. Try the Mega platform and share your photos and files

mega storage


Mega is a secure and one of the best cloud storage with a fast file transfer. You can store up to 20GB of data on Mega, free of cost.

If you have many photos that you want to store, then Mega is a platform that allows you to store your photos or any file for free up to 20 GB.

Features of Mega Cloud storage

  1. Free and secure platform
  2. Store your files up to 20GB of data
  3. Fast file transfer
  4. Paid plans are also available

Upload files or photos on Mega cloud storage

Step1: Tap on the upload button

You can find the upload button in the upper right corner after login. Click on the upload button and choose the file type to upload the files or a folder.

You can also create folders and categorize the files in different folders.

Step2: Select your files or photos

Now browse your device and select your files or photos. If you want, you can also upload the folder, but you will have to decide in the 1st step whether you want to upload folders or files.

Share files from Mega cloud storage

Step1: Tap on three dots

You can find these three dots with every file or folder. Just click on that dots and choose between ‘Send to chat’ and ‘Get link’ in the drop-down options.

Step2: Send to chat or create a link

Send to chat: You can invite your friends by entering their email addresses if you select the ‘send to chat’ option. But whenever someone sees your images, they will have to do it from the mega platform. Otherwise, they cannot see your photos.

Get Link: With the ‘Get Link’ option, you can easily share your photos or folders.

With the help of this link, you can share your photos with your friends on any platform, and your friends can easily download those photos or folders.

6. Use end-to-end encrypted apps like WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is a top-rated app that we use for chatting or sharing photos and videos with our friends or family.

By the way, we can use WhatsApp for many types of work like location sharing, contact sharing, etc.

But when we talk about photo sharing, we cannot ignore WhatsApp.

Pros and cons of sharing photos on WhatsApp


  • The secure and fast photo-sharing app
  • Available for all devices
  • You don’t have to pay any money to use WhatsApp
  • Secure and end to end encrypted app


  • You can share up to 30 photos at a time.
  • The quality of the photos has to be compromised because WhatsApp reduces the photo quality.

7. The telegram app is an excellent option to share images.


Telegram app is also an end-to-end encrypted chatting app which we use like WhatsApp application.

If you want to send heavy files like high-quality images to someone, you can use the Telegram app.

Alternative: Hike

8. Degoo platform is the best alternative to Google Photos


Degoo is a fantastic cloud storage platform that offers you to use 100GB of storage for free. An unlimited number of photos you can upload and share on the Degoo platform.

The Degoo platform is an excellent alternative to Google Photos that lets you upload and store your photos.

Features of Degoo cloud storage

  1. Store your memory free of cost up to 100GB free
  2. Share your photos in real-time
  3. No need to create an account to receive photos
  4. End-to-end encryption
  5. No quality reduction of photos
  6. 5GB bonus per referral 

Upload photos on Degoo

To upload photos to Degoo, you can log in with a Google account or create a new account and use Degoo services.

Degoo gives you three types of offers out of which you can choose 100GB, which is free.

When you are logged in, you will get the upload option in the down right corner.

Select your files or photos and upload them.

Share images with your friends from Degoo

Step1: Click on 3 Dots

You will see three dots with all the images or files; click on those three dots. When you click on it, you will see some options, out of which you have to click on share.

Step2: Select sharing option

As soon as you click on share, you will get some sharing options, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Create Link, etc.

You’ll also find an email address field so you can share your images on the email address.

9.TeraBox – 1TB free storage

tera box

Earlier the name of this cloud storage was Dubox, and now it is TeraBox. You can log in to TeraBox with google, Facebook, apple id, and mobile number.

You get up to 1TB of free storage, which you can use after signing up on TeraBox.

Features of TeraBox cloud storage

  1. Store up to 1TB free of cost
  2. Secure and fast upload and download speed
  3. Categorize files in pictures, videos, documents, music, and others
  4. Android and ios app available

Upload photos on TeraBox

Step1: Like all cloud storage, you can upload files or folders to TeraBox. You can find the upload button in the upper left corner.

Step2: If you want to upload a file like images, then you can browse your device by selecting the ‘files’ option, and to upload the folder, you have to select the folder option

Share photos or files from TeraBox

Step1: Just like uploading files, sharing them is also very easy. You can select single or multiple files from the checkbox, and you will see the option to share, which you have to click.

Step2: When you click on the share button, a popup will open in front of you, on which you will have to enter the email address to which you want to send the file or photo.

Step3: After that, you have to click on the share file button. You can also create a link for sharing those particular photos, files, or folders.

10. Amazon Photos

amazon photos

We all know that Amazon is a trusted and fantastic company that provides many services to us.

Cloud service is also provided by Amazon, in which Amazon lets us use 5GB for free.

Features of Amazon Photos

  1. 5GB full-resolution video and Photos storage
  2. Secure and auto backup available
  3. Access from all devices
  4. Share with a private group or single person
  5. Android and IOS apps available

Upload photos and videos to Amazon Photos

By the way, you can upload your photos and videos to Amazon Photos by applying auto backup, and you can do this by installing the Amazon Photos app on your mobile.

When you log in to Amazon Photos for the first time, you will get the option to connect your phone or computer. From there, you can connect your mobile or device for auto backup.

But here we understand how we can manually upload our photos to Amazon Photos after login.

Step1: Browse your device

For the first time, you will get the option to upload or drag and drop images and videos, but when you skip it, you will reach the screen, which you will get every time after login.

There you will get the option of Browse your device on which you have to click.

Step2: Select photos

Now you can browse your device and select and upload photos. 

Share photos from Amazon Photos

You can share single or multiple images, select image or video, and then show the share button in the upper menu bar.

Click on that button, and you will see sharing options in a popup.

You can create a group on that where you can share your images or use the options of Email, Create Link, and Share on Facebook.

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