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6 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress – FREE

Author Box helps you to make a good connection with the visitors and readers on your WordPress blog. These author box plugins are easy to use, and you don’t have to write any code to add an author’s box. 

Let’s have a look at how they can help us with our blog.

How do these Author Box plugins help you?

These Author box plugins are helping us in many ways and allow us to show the Author bio at the end of the post.

There are many themes available, which have author box features inbuilt.

Author bio box plugins let us change the author’s box design, like social media links, image display style, and much more.

These are some benefits of using Author box plugins:

  • Improve the authority and credibility of the author.
  • Help in building a good connection between you ( as an author) and your visitors.
  • Build trust on your website or blog.
  • You can grow social media influence by adding social links in your author’s box.

Many people are not using the Author’s box in their blog and missing the benefits of the author bio box.

In this article, you will get the 6 Best free Author Box Plugins for your WordPress Blog.

1. Simple Author Box

6 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress - FREE

Simple Author Box plugin is an excellent and one of the best author box plugins. This simple Author Box is on the first in our list because of the features of this plugin.

Features of Simple Author Box:

  • Fully customizable, you can match this author box with your WordPress theme.
  • Allow showing Gravatar, website, Name and bio of author with social media icons.
  • Responsive on all types of devices like Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.
  • Automatically add the astir box at the end of your article or post.
  • AMP and RTL support

If you have multiple authors on your website, this simple author box plugin is an excellent option for you.

2. Ultimate Author Box Lite

6 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress - FREE

Ultimate author box lite is also a free plugin, and you can add author information at the end of your post with the help of this plugin.

Features of Ultimate author box lite plugin:

  • Five designed templates, and you can customize the colour scheme of these templates.
  • Allow to show the custom images or use Social media profile images like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with social media icons with the bio.
  • Option to hide and show the author’s box on individual posts.
  • Responsive on deferent size of screens like mobile devices.
  • Lifetime free updates and dedicated email support and forum support are available.

This plugin allows you to disable the author’s box for specific user roles. If any author doesn’t have bio info, this plugin will disable the author’s box for that author.

3. Author Bio Box

6 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress - FREE

This Author Bio Box plugin has a minimal design. The ‘author bio box’ plugin is excellent and straightforward to use and display the author’s bio after the posts on your website or blog.

Features of Author Bio Box:

  • Very simple and free to use with minimal design.
  • Option to change the Text and Title in your Bio box.
  • Customizable, and you can change the background and border colour to match your theme.
  • Allow showing the social media icons in your bio box.

If you are looking for a minimal design and a simple bio box for your blog, Author Bio Box is the best option.

4. Starbox – the Author Box for Humans

6 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress - FREE

Starbox is an easy-to-use and feature-rich author box plugin. Several themes for the author’s box are available that you can choose from to customize the author bio.

This plugin allows you to create unique biography boxes for all the authors on your blog. You can control the social media profiles, including Name, job, role, image, and many other things.

Features of Start Box plugin:

  • Micro-format to display rich snippets in SERP.
  • You can link your Social icons in your Author’s box.
  • Latest posts by the author section.
  • Fully customizable and responsive on all sizes of screens.
  • Many Author box themes are available to choose.

Are you searching for a plugin that allows you to add an author bio box on your WooCommerce store? This plugin is the best option.

5. WP Post Author

6 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress - FREE

WP Post Author plugin is a good option if you want to display your photo, name, and bio in the author’s box with the social media icons.

You can control your author bio box elements, such as the alignment of the text and the author’s image.

This plugin allows you to display your author bio in your website’s sidebar or other areas using one of three widgets or a shortcode.

Features of WP Post Author plugin:

  • You can add custom CSS to this plugin to customize the styling of the Author bio box.
  • Shortcodes are available to display your author’s box on other locations of your website.
  • Customize the image layout like square or round.
  • Fully responsive on deferent screen sizes like on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Display social media icons like Facebook, instagram, twitter etc. in your author’s box.

This plugin allows you to display your author’s box at the different locations of your website.

If you are looking for another plugin to show the author box in widgets, you can also use the Meks Smart Author Widget plugin

6. Molongui Author Box

6 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress - FREE

Molongui authorship allows you to display author boxes, co-authors, and guest contributors in WordPress.

This plugin allows you to create author bios and guest author bios without making a WordPress account.

You can add co-authors and authors to WordPress by following our guide.

You have many customization options. These include multiple layouts, colors, and author avatars. You can choose the location of the Bio box above the post or below the post.

Features of Molongui Author Box:

  • Deferent Layout with fully customizable options.
  • Automatically display after the post on your blog.
  • Supported 90+ social media platforms to display the icons.
  • Responsive and flexible Display options.
  • Add Schema markup and RTL supported.

If you want to display the author’s box of the guest authors without adding them as an author on your blog, the Molongui plugin will be a good option for you.

Which one is the best WordPress author box plugin for you?

  • Simple Author Box: If you are looking for AMP and RTL support author box plugin then Simple Author Box is the best plugin for your website.
  • Ultimate Author Box Lite: This plugin is one of the best plugin with other functionalities like, show/hide the author box for sepecific user role.
  • Author Bio Box: Author bio Box plugin is for those bloggers or website owners who want a simple and minimal design for the author box.
  • Starbox: Display rich snippets and latest post tab in autor box is the unique and amazing functionality of this plugin. So if you need these functionailty then this plugin is for you.
  • WP Post Author: You can choose this plugin if you want to display your author box on deffrent locations like sidebar. Shortcode is allow you to add your Author box in Sidebar or any other location.
  • Molongui Author Box: With 90+ social icons, Molongui Author Box plugin allow you to customize layout. It supports RTL and schema markup.

If you have any quires about these WordPress author box plugins, you can ask us in the comment box.


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