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9 best apps that can help YouTubers – Apps for YouTubers

Youtube is the best platform to share your thoughts, information, tutorials, entertainment things, etc., in the form of videos. And If you have a YouTube channel, these 9 best apps can help you manage your channel.

Many YouTubers are managing the channel from their mobile phone. But, unfortunately, management of your Youtube channel is not possible by laptop all the time.

Some people are not having their laptop or computer, and in that case, these apps will help you manage all the things.

You must have some skills to become a successful YouTuber like Thumbnail design, Video Editing, audio recording, screen recording etc.

The following applications are helpful for the many goals of creating your content, so I suggest you install all these applications for the creation of YouTube material.

Are you excited? If yes, then let’s have a look at 9 best apps that can help YouTubers:

1. Creator Studio

On desktop, we can analyze the things on YouTube Studio, and the Creator studio is developed for mobile users.

9 best apps that can help YouTubers - Apps for YouTubers

It is an official app owned by Youtube. By using this app, you can control your youtube channel with your smartphone. YouTube Creator Studio is the first and one of the top 9 best apps that can help YouTubers. 

Features of Creator Studio

  • Analyze the video’s performance 
  • Filter and Respond to the comments
  • Change Monetization and SEO settings
  • Can change thumbnail and other things

2. Open Camera

DSLR Camera not required to start a YouTube channel. You can record videos like a DSLR by using this app. You can create professional videos with this fully loaded app. You may also use it for making face cam videos.

Click photographs while you are recording a video. Utilizing a primary or external sound recording microphone is an essential function. You can start recording with a countdown control by voice command.

If you don’t have a DSLR camera, then it will help you in the right ways.


  • Resolution and white balance
  • Auto Focus
  • Face detection
  • Anti banding

3. TubeBuddy

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, then TubeBuddy will help you. You can find low competitive keywords related to the main keyword. And by using those keywords, you can get more traffic to the videos.

Tube Buddy

For YouTubers, TubeBuddy is a fantastic app for video SEO. You can also use the chrome extension on your laptop or desktop.

Tubebuddy features:

  • Live subscribers count
  • Related tags
  • Channel milestones to encourage you to be productivity
  • SEO stats of Youtube videos 

4. Legend

When it comes to making videos, a decent introduction is essential. Legend is an intro/outro video creation tool that allows you to create visually spectacular intro/outro films that impress your viewers.

The program is simple to use; all you have to do is type your text, choose an animated text style, and choose a background color.

You have the option of saving your videos in MP4 format or sharing them wherever you choose. In addition, you can purchase premium packages to gain access to more features.

However, the free version has many useful features.

  • Emojis supported
  • Text up to 100 characters
  • 6 Free Animated Text styles
  • 20 animated text styles
  • Custom background

5. KineMaster

Before uploading, You must edit your videos after recording with your camera or smartphone. Then, with professional-quality videos, you can stand out.

Kine Master, app, video editing

Kinemaster will shine in these situations, allowing you to trim, add, edit, and delete various clips, music tracks, graphics, and other animation effects to create your unique video.

By purchasing the pro version of this app, you can remove the watermark of this app. Nevertheless, it is impressive and one of the top apps for YouTubers. 


  • Multiple layers of video, audio, images, stickers, text, effects, and overlays like professional software.
  • Frame-by-frame trimming.
  • Hue & saturation controls.
  • Brightness controls.
  • Real-time video & audio recording.
  • Animation styles
  • Many effects are available.

6. Lexis Audio Editor

We sometimes get some unwanted noise noises in our audio sound play background while filming a video. 

9 best apps that can help YouTubers - Apps for YouTubers

To achieve the most precise and crispest audio output possible, we work hard with the best possible high-quality mic or audio recorder.

But there are a few things that vehicle sound, wind blow, etc., cannot avoid. 

Lexis audio editor is available to assist us in these situations.

If we need to import/open the audio file, make some adjustments such as cutting, recording, or filtering any noise, and save it to the specified storage location with only a few clicks. Lexis audio editor can help us.

7. Canva

Thumbnails are essential for attracting viewers to watch your video. Canva is a fantastic design program for YouTubers that want to make Thumbnails, banners, and posters.

This tool allows you to easily create posters, wallpapers, book covers, and other types of graphic design.

It’s simple to add design elements, and you can begin by selecting one of the pre-designed basic mark-ups.

You can use Canva’s stock photographs or any of your images to create a variety of stunning thumbnails for your movies. In addition, you can quickly download or share your creations on social media networks.

Canva is an excellent program for making great video thumbnails.


  • 60,000+ templates
  • High-Quality Thumbnails, posters, and banners designs
  • Trending Fonts
  • Premium designs
  • 1 million stock photos and elements

8. DU Screen Recorder

DU Screen Recorder is an excellent software for capturing screen footage and converting it to video. In addition, the floating button allows you to manage your recordings. 

You may also hide the floating notification bar for frameless recordings, so don’t worry. It’s an excellent tool for tech YouTubers who want to create various tech videos from their phone.

  • 1080p videos recording
  • Unlimited Recording
  • You can do live streaming of your screen on social media platforms.
  • Floating button with controls

9. Adobe Premiere Clip

This software allows you to edit videos on your phone and includes some of the best video editing options.

It has excellent editing options that let you generate spectacular videos. As a result, this software is essential for anyone who likes to edit videos on their cell phones.

Final Thoughts:

If you desire to start something on your own at any moment, there is always a way. For example, is it possible to launch a YouTube channel from a smartphone, as most people believe? The response is a resounding YES!!

You don’t need any pricey gadgets to start your channel, but if you have enough money to invest in a professional studio setup, check out this post on the most beneficial devices for a professional video studio setup.


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