About Us

Hello Friends,

My name is Rashvinder Narwal, I’m the owner of ‘Indoclan’ website and knowledge sharing is my passion, I choose blogging to share the things with people.

About IndoClan

Indoclan name is made up with two words “Indo + Clan”. Indo means Indian region and clan means family.

Ayurvedic medicines and herbs have been used in India for thousands of years. Nature has given us thousands and millions of Ayurvedic medicines which are being used in Indian culture for thousands of years.

These medicines and herbs have been used by our ancestors and also by our grandparents, about whom they have shared this knowledge from generation to generation. In today’s time, Ayurvedic medicines and herbs are used all over the world, from which various diseases are treated. Because information on Ayurvedic medicines and herbs has reached all over the world from India, I have named this website Indoclan.

You can find multilingual option that you can use to transform the orignal language to your native language.

Whatever information I have obtained from my ancestors, along with all the information available on the Internet and in Ayurvedic books, you will find that all info on the indoclan website.


You can contact me on rashvinder1991@hotmail.com