Add page numbers in Google Docs

Page numbers play an essential role in a book or multiple-page documents. To create an index page for a document, the page numbers required to navigate the content. Documents editors like Google Docs and MS Word have a function to Add page numbers to the document.

How to add page numbers in Google Docs?

  1. Open your desired file in Google Docs.
  2. Go to Insert menu.
    Insert in goodle docs in menu bar
  3. Hover on “# Page numbers
    Page numbers option in Insert menu in Google Docs
  4. Select the style of page numbers in the document.

Skip the first page to show the page number.

Insert the page numbers on the document and follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the position of page numbers and tap on “Options.” In case it is invisible, double tap on the page number.
  2. Select “Page Number.”Page number options to edit
  3. Uncheck the “Show on first page” option and apply.
    Check uncheck option to show page number on first page

If you need to start the page number instead of 1, type the number and click on Apply.

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