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All time Best WordPress Migration plugins – Website Migration Process

WordPress migration plugins help us when we want to migrate our website or blog from one server to another server or any other domain.

Whenever a developer develops a website on WordPress, he often develops the website on localhost and then migrates to an online server. If you want to migrate a website then these plugins can help you.

Website migration to another hosting or server is not an easy task because you need to move all the files, database, plugins, media files, and the theme with all settings.

Using migration plugins is a good way to clone your website to another hosting.

In this article, you will get the best migration plugins that help you to migrate the WordPress website.

1. All-in-One WP Migration

All time Best WordPress Migration plugins - Website Migration Process

All-in-One WP migration is an amazing WordPress migration plugin that can easily export your website to any other hosting platform.

All-in-One WP migration plugin not required any other PHP extension for support.

This plugin is free to use if your website size is under 128 MB and no need to purchase a pro version of the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

No need to do any effort to migrate the WordPress website, we can export and import our website in just a few clicks.

Migration Process of All-in-One WP Migration plugin


  1. Install and activate the All-in-One WP migration plugin to your WordPress Website
  2. Find the ‘All-in-One WP migration’ option in the sidebar of the WordPress admin dashboard
  3. Click on the ‘Export to’ button and click on ‘File’. If you want to save the export files with another option then you need to purchase the pro version
  4. The plugin will prepare for export and when the file will ready, you will see the option to download the file
  5. Click on the ‘Download’ button and save that file on your device

Now, install the WordPress on another server and go to the WordPress dashboard of the new website.


  1. Install & activate the All-in-One WP migration plugin
  2. Go to the ‘All-in-One WP migration’ option from the sidebar
  3. Click on ‘import’
  4. Tap on ‘Import from’
  5. Select ‘File’ and browse your downloaded file
  6. Upload that file and click on ‘Import’ and Proceed
  7. This process will overwrite all the files and databases.

That’s it, now you will have your migrated WordPress website on your new hosting.

Pros and Cons of All-in-One WP Migration


  • Easy to use and you can easily migrate your website to any hosting
  • Support older versions of WordPress
  • Bypasses the host file size limits
  • Migrate all files with database


  • Free version import size is limited
  • Need paid extension for multiple exports

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2. Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru - WordPress Migration plugin

Migrate Guru is a free and popular WordPress migration plugin for website migration and WordPress backup.

You can Migrate and clone WordPress Website free of cost with just a single click.

It doesn’t matter that your website size is in MB or GB. You can easily migrate your heavy websites to any server without crash your website.

Migrate Guru migration process

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and find the Migrate Guru in the sidebar
  2. Click on Migrate Guru and enter your email address in the required field and tap on ‘Migrate Site’
  3. Select the new host site from the list and if you did not find your hosting on the list then you can select cPanel or FTP to migrate the website
  4. Enter Destination Site URL and server IP address
  5. Enter the username and password of your cPanel
  6. Click on Migrate
  7. It can take some time to migrate your website
  8. Once the migration process is completed successfully, click on visit migrated website.

Pros and Cons of Migrate Guru plugin


  • Migrate your WordPress website to almost all WP hosting providers
  • only need cPanel or FTP details for migration
  • Migrate the large websites free of cost


  • Do not support localhost

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3. Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Duplicator WordPress migration plugin

Duplicator plugin is available in free and paid versions. Duplicator is one of the best and powerful migration plugins. You can migrate your website to a new host or domain without downtime.

You can easily migrate localhost to live server and liver server to localhost with the Duplicator plugin.

Duplicator plugin is also used for backups and you can use this backup to migrate your website to any location.

Migrate website with Duplicator plugin

  1. Go to WordPress admin panel and find Duplicator on sidebar menus
  2. Click on Duplicator and tap on ‘Create New’ from the new page
  3. In step one, you can give the name to your backup file and check the Storage, Archive, and Installer option
  4. Click on ‘Next’
  5. Once the scan is completed then you can check the status of the server, files, and database
  6. Click on the ‘Build’ button
  7. Once the package is completed, download the Installer and Archive files
  8. Upload your Archive file to the new host
  9. Go to new installer.php with your new URL Example:
  10. Accept terms & conditions and click on the ‘Next Button
  11. On the Install database screen you can check the details of your database and if you want to check then click on ‘Test database’ or for the next step click on the ‘Next button
  12. Give permission by clicking on ‘Yes’ on the install confirmation popup
  13. Update your data by clicking on ‘Next’
  14. Click on ‘Site-Login’ on the final step
  15. Enter the login credential and login to your site
  16. Now click on ‘Remove Installation Files Now’

That’s it, your website migration process is completed.

Pros and Cons of Duplicator – WordPress migration Plugin


  • Easy step by step process to migrate the website
  • Schedule the backup and store on Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Automatically create users and database
  • Multisite migration


  • The upload process may take time if you do not have a good internet connection or have a very large website.

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4.UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup and WordPress Migration Plugin

Updraftplus wordpress backup and migration plugin

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup and Migration is one of the best, highest ranking, and amazing plugins for Website migration.

You can easily create a backup of your website with the UpdraftPlus plugin.

Back up your website and store it on Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, email, etc.

Migration and backup of the website with UpdraftPlus plugin

  1. Install UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup and Migration Plugin and activate
  2. Find UpdraftPlus plugin. Settings>UpdraftPlus backup
  3. Click on the Backup button
  4. Once the backup process is completed then check the existing backups and click on Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, and others.
  5. Now download the Database file, plugin file, themes file, uploads file, and other files by clicking on ‘download to your computer’
  6. Install the UpdraftPlus plugin on the new WordPress website on the new server or with a new domain
  7. Follow the same path and open the ‘UpdraftPlus backup’ page
  8. Click on ” Upload Backup files’ and you can find this option in the existing backups section
  9. Drag and drop those files or click on the select button and upload the files
  10. It will take some time to upload
  11. Click on the ‘Restore’ button
  12. select all files like plugins, themes, database, etc from the checkbox and click on the ‘Next button
  13. Click on the Restore button
  14. After the restoration process, click on Return to UpdraftPlus configuration

Pros and cons of UpdraftPlus migration plugin


  • Easy process of backup and migration of website
  • Store auto backups on cloud base storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc
  • Allow saving server resources with backup


  • To run migration you need to install UpdraftPlus after installation the WordPress on new hosting.

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5. Migration, Backup, Staging – WPvivid Backup and WordPress Migration Plugin

WPvivid wordpress migration and backup plugin

WPvivid Migration and the backup plugin is available with lots of features and you can easily duplicate a website or can create a clone of your website to install on another host or domain.

WPvivid is available in free and paid versions.

Backup and migration process of WPvivid plugin

  1. Install and open WPvivid from the sidebar on the WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to backup and restore and select Database+Files (Entire Website) and select Save backups to local
  3. Click on Backup Now
  4. Scroll down and you can find the download option after the backup process
  5. Go to the new WordPress website where you want to duplicate the website
  6. Install the WPvivid plugin and open
  7. Find the Upload option on the page and select the downloaded file and upload
  8. Now you can see the backup file in the backups section
  9. Click on ‘Restore’
  10. Select ‘Restore and replace original domain(URL) with (migration)’ if you want to change or select the second option if you want to keep the same domain
  11. Click on the Restore button

Congratulations, your website is migrated.

Pros and cons of WPvivid Backup and WordPress migration plugin


  • Easy backup process
  • Auto Migration is also available and you can migrate to a new domain with a simple click.
  • Schedule backups available
  • Store backup files to remote storage
  • Unused images cleaner


  • Require pro version for multisite backup and customize backup


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