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How many Blog Posts Per Day/Month to get success in Blogging?

When it comes to blogging, bloggers definitely think about how many blog posts we should post per day or per month.

Many bloggers think that the more posts we post on our blog, the more traffic we can bring to our website or blog. But whether it is true or false, we will talk about it in this article.

By the way, both things are true, it depends on how old your blog is and how many backlinks you have made for your blog. If you are a new blogger then things change completely, and what is the category of your blog is also a big factor.

So in this article, we have tried to analyze and cover all types of blogs keeping both types of blogs (new blog and old blog) in mind.

Blog posts per day or month to get success on Technical Blog

Technical blog

If you run a technical blog or have just started, it is very difficult to drive traffic to a new blog whereas it is not difficult for an old blog to rank a post on the SERP.

Posts per day on New Technical Blog

Today there is no dearth of technical blogs and you will find many blogs on any topic. But this does not mean that you cannot get success by starting a technical blog.

But when we start a new technical blog, we face many problems. Like who are your competitors and what is the difficulty of the keyword we are going to write on or the keyword we focused on.

For example, if we write about the topic ‘Increase Website Traffic‘, then we will have to do full research about this keyword.

We have to analyze that when we search this keyword, which websites come in the search result, then what is their domain score, and what is the difficulty of that particular keyword.

Along with this, you also have to see how your competitor has explained that topic.

If you write your blog post after seeing all this, then you can get success in blogging, otherwise, you can publish as many posts as you want on your blog, you can’t get success in blogging in the tech niche.

Thoughts: If you have a new blog and you write in a technical niche, it doesn’t matter how many posts you write daily or every month. Yes, it will definitely make a difference what topic you write on and the difficulty level of the keywords you focus on.

Blog post per day on an old Technical Blog

If you have an old blog with high DA and PA, you can get your posts ranked faster than a new blog. Because your blog already has backlinks, due to which the website gets good link juice.

So when you publish a post on Old Technical Blog, you can easily get the post ranked on the search engine result page.

You can increase your visitors if you publish posts on low competition keywords or medium competition keywords. Whereas on a new blog, you should only focus on low competition keywords.

When you start ranking on medium competition keywords, you can target high competition keywords as well.

Now let’s talk about how many posts you need to post per day or per month to get success, then you should post at least 1 post in 3 to 4 days. You can also publish 1 or 2 posts every day if you want.

Final thoughts for Old technical blog: You can decide how many posts to post on your blog, but it is more important to maintain the frequency of publishing the post.

Meaning if you do 1 post daily then you have to follow the same, you cannot do that one day you published your 4 posts, and then for a month, you did not publish any posts on your blog.

And writing on low competition keywords or medium competition keywords will be beneficial for you.

How many blog posts should be published on a news blog per day or per month

News blog posts per day

The strategy of publishing a post on a news blog is very different from the blogs in other niches.

Posts per day on New News blog

In a news blog, things are completely different because there are always articles published on trending topics and which people search for some time, and later no view comes on them.

That’s why we don’t have to think so much about backlinks on news blogs.

We should publish more and more posts on the news blog and we should choose the topics which are trending.

Google Trends is the best platform to find trending topics.

More and more blog posts will have to be published on the news blog. You can post 10 to 50 posts on your news blog and you can also take the help of your team to publish the maximum posts per day.

Post per day on Old News Blog

Blog or website benefit from backlinks and old domain. So if you have an old blog, then it is obvious that you will not have to work more than a new blogger. But this does not mean that you should stop publishing the Daily Post.

If you have to earn continuously from your blog and want visitors to keep coming to your blog, then you have to keep publishing posts like a new blog.

Because traffic comes from trending news on your website or blog, that’s why you have to maintain the frequency of publishing the post.

Number of posts per day on a Cooking niche blog

Cooking blog posts per day

To write a post on a cooking blog, we have to think first, because if you are publishing a recipe in summer days, which is made in winter, will someone search about it?

That is why on the cooking blog, we have to think about these things before publishing the post on the blog.

Posts per month or per day on a cooking niche blog

You know that people search more about seasonal food recipes. So, if you are working on a new cooking niche blog then you have to keep in mind these things.

Backlinks are important to get success in the cooking niche, so publish a minimum of 1-2 recipes daily on your blog, along with this focus on backlinks.

How many blog posts per day or week for ranking on an old cooking niche blog

If you have been running a cooking blog for a long time, then you must have written many recipes on your blog, then instead of publishing posts daily, you should work on backlinks and new recipes.

Publishing 1-2 posts in a week will be enough for your blog and more than publishing daily posts you will have to work on building backlinks and increasing the authority of the blog.

The strategies are similar to these 3 types of blogs for many niches. Let’s understand with some examples.

Pet Blogs: You can work as technical blogs on Pet-related blogs. Because there are many evergreen topics are available in this niche like the technical niche.

Finance and Investment Blog: Finance and investment blog is similar to a news blog because you need to publish the latest finance-related articles on your blog. So you can work as a news blog on finance and investment blog.

Travelling Blog: Strategies for posts is similar to a cooking blog. You need to write your articles with keeping the weather in mind. Because you can’t suggest traveling hot areas in summer and Russia in winter. 🙂 So, write 1-2 blog posts per week and focus on your blog authority and backlinks.

Blogs related to movies and music: Same as a news blog, traffic will come to your post for a short time. So, you need to keep writing articles and posting on your blog related to new and trending movies.

One or two blog posts per week are not enough, So, publish as many posts as you can on your movie and music blog.

Health blog: Consider that you are writing an article about the benefits of morning exercise. So those benefits are not going to change next month.

So instead of writing many posts per day, do SEO of your blog. One or two blog posts per week are enough for a health blog like a technical blog niche.

If you are run a blog in another niche that is not in this article then you can write us in the comment box. Definitely, we will add that niche to this list.


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