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Blogger Vs WordPress – Which platform is best for you?

You can find many blogs or articles, and they always declare WordPress as a winner in Blogger vs WordPress.

But, In this article, I will tell you Why and which platform is best for you. It depends on your blog type.

We all know that blogging is a fantastic thing to express yourself by writing. You can write about what you want to write. It maybe belongs to your thoughts, or feelings, or about your knowledge.

Almost 95% of bloggers are coming to the blogging field only to make money. But, it’s not all about money with blogging.

If you are in those 95% people, then the percentage of your success possible in this field is not more than 2-3%. Maybe I will discuss this thing in another article.

We are here to discuss the blogger platform and WordPress platform and which one will be the best choice for you. Don’t get confused between bloggers and bloggers. Blogger is a platform for blogging, and a blogger (person) can create a blog on a blogger platform.

If you plan to start a blog and get confused to choose a platform between Blogger and WordPress, I will help you choose your blogging platform.

Blogger vs WordPress

We are comparing and Blogger, not the platform.

Essential things, before selecting a platform for your blog

We need to consider these important things before selecting your blogging platform.

  • Setup Process: The setup process is the first thing you need to consider before starting a blog.
  • User Experience: Always choose a simple platform to use and easy to add content and get your audience on your blog.
  • Features and Flexibility: Select a platform that allows you to add features to make things easy in blogging.
  • Cost: Setup cost and running cost are the main things you need to consider before starting a blog. Sometimes we spend unnecessarily on a blog.
  • Security: When choosing a blog platform, SecuritySecurity is a crucial aspect to consider. You could lose years or even decades of hard work if your website is hacked.
  • SEO: Traffic is the only thing that is the main aim for any blogger. If you cannot get traffic to your blog, it doesn’t matter which platform you are using. So, always choose a platform that helps you to do better SEO.
  • Design: Design always attracts readers. Bad design is one of the causes of the high bounce rate on your blog.
  • Monetization: Are you looking for making money with your blog? If yes, then choose a platform where you find more monetization options to monetize your blog.

Blogger platform for blogging

Google develops a blogger platform only for bloggers. It is one of the best CMS available to share your information and publish a blog. It is a very popular CMS for blogging.

It is a free tool to create blogs, and if you are looking to create a blog without investment, then the blogger platform is the best choice for you. Your free blog address will look like this on Blogger. This is an example of your custom domain on Blogger. Yes, Google allows us to link our custom domain or purchased domain with the blogger platform.

And If you want to use a custom domain on Blogger, you can buy from Bluehost to connect with the Blogger platform.

Pros and cons of Blogger Platform

The Blogger platform is free, no need to send a single penny to start a blog.
You don’t have to think about hosting with Blogger. Your blog will host on a Google server free of cost.
No need to think about SecuritySecurity. Google will handle it.
The functionality of the Blogger platform is basic.
The features and customization are limited.
Google has the right to stop your blog, so if you violet any term and condition or any policy, Google will suspend your blog or your account.

These are the main Pros and cons of the blogger platform. Let’s take a look at the blogger platform.

1. Functionality on Blogger

The Blogger platform support only three languages, and these are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. HTML is a designing language to create a structure of web pages. On the other hand, CSS is used for styling web pages. 

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is a scripting language, and we can use this language to run functions on our web pages without communicating directly with the servers.

Because Javascript is not communicating directly with the server, we can’t do much with functionality on Blogger. So, the functionality of the blogger platform is limited.

2. Features on Blogger Backend

Blogger CMS does not allow us to customize things, and this is one of the main drawbacks of Blogger.

Blogger Vs WordPress - Which platform is best for you?

We can check Stats, comments, Earnings, and pages on Blogger Dashboard. There you can find an option to edit layout elements.

Two, other options also we have on the dashboard, and those are Theme and settings.

3. Ownership of your Blogger Blog

Google allows us to use the Blogger platform free of cost, but Google has all the rights. No one can access our blog backend, but it does not mean that Google can’t terminate your blog.

Blogger is reliable, free, and offers enough features to allow you to publish content on the internet easily.

But it is not yours.

Google owns this service. Google has the power to stop it from functioning or to block your access at any moment. It is similar to Social platforms like Facebook, which can ban users or suspend their accounts without notice.

And, If you are violating any term or policy of Google, you will get a suspension on your blog or your account. Google has all rights to stop supporting Blogger, even if your blog is not in any wrong way.

4. The setup process of blog on Blogger

You need a Google account to create a Blog on the blogger platform. The setup is effortless, and you don’t have to be a coding expert to set up your blog on Blogger.

How to create a Blog on Blogger?

It is straightforward, type in your search bar and signup on Blogger with your Google account. Find an option called ‘Create New Blog’ and tap on it, and then you will be asked to choose your display name, Blog Title, Blog address, and theme for your blog.

5. Flexibility

If you are looking for a straightforward content or image-based blog, then no doubt you Blogger is the best platform for you. Blogger has the Gadgets to add to your blog.

Blogger Vs WordPress - Which platform is best for you?

You can add some features with the help of these Gadgets.

What are Gadgets in Blogger?

Gadgets are the add-ons tools or widgets on Blogger, which allow us to customize or add features on our blog like Adsense, Feature post, Profile, HTML/JavaScript, etc.

But these Gadgets or widgets are limited on Blogger, and Google provides these. We can’t use any alternative or any third-party plugins on Blogger.

Blogger allows us to add gadgets in the layout of the template. Go to layout and find an option to add Gadgets.

7. Blog design in Blogger

You all know that design is a very appealing thing for our blog readers. If we choose a good design for our blog, we can engage our readers.

No doubt, you can find awesome design templates for your blogger blog. But, for an eye-catchy designed template, you have to purchase from third-party websites. Bloggers also have templates on their platform but, they are limited and very basic.

8. What about the Security of your blog on Blogger?

You don’t have to worry about the Security of your blog on the Blogger platform. It is 100% secure with Google Security, and Google will take care of backup, resources, and security.

9. Support system on Blogger

Google has the documentation and the user’s forum to support it. But, if you are looking for one-to-one support on Blogger, then this platform is not for you.

Blogger Vs WordPress - Which platform is best for you?

The support base of the blogger platform is limited, and you can’t get good support for the blogger platform. But, there are many 3rd party forums available to get support. You can do a Google search to find Blogger support forums.

10. What is the future of your blog on Blogger?

Google is not going to shut the blogger platform, but Google can!. If Google updates the Blogger, you can find better options, features, and flexibility on the blogger platform.

It depends on Google.

But, it is not mean that you can’t get success on Blogger. There are thousands of bloggers running their blog on Blogger and making thousands of dollars per month.

I am also doing event blogging on the blogger platform, and those blogs are my primary income source.

Is WordPress best for Blogging?

WordPress is an open-source CMS that allows you to build your website or a blog. It is a trendy platform for creating websites. More than 50% of websites are developed with WordPress.

We can use WordPress free of cost, and we don’t have to pay a single penny for that. But, We need a domain for our blog address and one hosting to host our WordPress blog.

Pros and Cons of WordPress

WordPress is a user-friendly Content management system.
There are plenty of plugins are available on WordPress, and there is no restriction to use third-party plugins on our blog.
WordPress platform have SEO Plugins and these plugins can help to write an SEO-friendly article on our blog.
We can customize our design and many things without any restrictions.
You don’t have to think about coding to customize things on WordPress.
WordPress CMS is free to use, but investment required to start a blog like Hosting and Domain.
Website can go down if you are using shared hosting.
Capability challenges plugins with new updates of WordPress.Not for free users.

  WordPress is free to use, but the investment is required to start a blog. 

These are the main Pros and cons of WordPress.

1. Functionality on WordPress

WordPress is supporting HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript languages. WordPress CMS is developed in PHP. We can also use MySQL, MariaDB databases with WordPress. I already described the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in Blogger Section.

What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language that communicating directly with the servers. We can manage dynamic content, tracking of the session, database, and many things with PHP.

2. WordPress Dashboard

There are plenty of things on the WordPress dashboard to manage our blog. We can easily manage our posts, pages, media, comments, plugins, users, and many things in the WordPress dashboard.

Blogger Vs WordPress - Which platform is best for you?

There are many options available on WordPress Dashboard, and we can manage all the things related to our from the backend.

3. Who have rights of your WordPress Blog?

You need a hosting provider to run your WordPress blog. You can quickly transfer your blog from one hosting to another.

It’s on you that you want to continue with that hosting provider or not. You have all the rights on your blog with complete control.

Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress.

5. The setup process of WordPress

If you are not a techy person, you can face some minor problems setting up your WordPress blog.

How to start your WordPress Blog?

  1. Purchase a domain and choose your hosting plan.
  2. Open your C-Panel provided by your hosting platform and find WordPress in the application section.
  3. Now, install WordPress.
  4. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and find and install a theme for your blog.
  5. Install the impotent plugins like for Cache, SEO, etc.
  6. Create essential pages for your blog.
  7. And it’s done!

This is the basic process to set up your WordPress blog.

If you want me to create a blog for you with a complete setup or any other help related to your WordPress website or blog, you can contact me. I am an expert in Web Design and Development.

6. Flexibility with WordPress

Now, you know that WordPress is an open-source CMS, so e are free to add new and third-party features to our blog.

You can find thousands of plugins free of cost on Imagine any feature, and you will get a solution by installing the free and paid WordPress plugins.

Blogger Vs WordPress - Which platform is best for you?

For Example- With the help of plugins, you can easily:

  • Start an E-commerce website
  • add social sharing buttons on your blog
  • Check on-page SEO
  • Create XML sitemap

And many other things.

You can also find many developers to customize things over your WordPress Blog or Website.

7. Designing options for your WordPress Blog

You can find thousands of themes on WordPress free of cost. If you want any premium theme, then you can also have many options.

WordPress is very flexible in design modification. You can find many designing options with a good premium theme, or you can use drag and drop page builders.

If you are looking to have a Fast and fantastic theme for your blog, you can check this article on our website. Most popular WordPress themes to get the best SEO results.

You can also install drag and drop page builder plugins to design your pages.

8. Security of your WordPress Blog.

When we come to security, then we can consider WordPress as a secure CMS. But, we host our blog on third-party hosting platforms, So if you are not using good hosting, you may face some issues.

So, better to ask for a daily backup from your hosting provider. Or you can use plugins to secure your website.

9. Support for your WordPress Blog

You can find a question and answer forums for all plugins and themes on WordPress. If you purchase any plugin or theme from a third party, they all have their support system.

If you face a WordPress problem, you can find many forums websites, like stack overflow.

Why is Blogger a better than WordPress?

There are few things where WordPress lacks as compare to Blogger.

Setup cost comparison – Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger Setup Cost: The setup cost for a blog on Blogger is zero. The Blogger platform is free to use. If you want to use a custom domain, you can buy from any domain provider and connect with Blogger.

Domain cost you pay to your domain provider, not to Blogger. And if you want to start with a free domain, you can register a subdomain on Blogger. You do need to pay for hosting and other things with this platform.

WordPress Setup Cost: If you want to start a self-hosted blog, then you can choose WordPress, but a domain and hosting are mandatory to create your blog. You have to pay $3 to $5 per month for hosting your blog. This cost will vary with the hosting plan of your hosting provider.

SSL certificate – Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger SSL Cost: You can connect your SSL certificate with your blog free of cost with Blogger. You can find an option to activate the SSL on the dashboard of Blogger.

SSL certificate Cost with WordPress Blog: You can purchase the SSL certificate from an SSL provider. You can also ask your domain or hosting provider for an SSL certificate on your website. Some hosting providers offer free SSL certificates with their hosting plan. The cost for SSL will be between $4 to $20 per month. It depends on your SSL type.

Blog Security – WordPress vs Blogger

Cost to Secure your Blog on Blogger: Google will handle the security of your blog, and you don’t have to think about the security of your blog.

WordPress Security Cost: You have to use paid plugins for more security on your WordPress blog. There are many plugins available like Jetpack Security, Wordfence, Sucuri, etc. The cost to secure your WordPress blog will be around $10 to $20 per month, depend on the plans of plugins.

Traffic handling – WordPress vs Blogger

Traffic handling with Blogger: Your blog will be host on google servers, so if you got massive traffic on your website, then you don’t have to worry about the server crashing or any other thing.

Traffic Handling with WordPress: If you select basic plans/shared hosting for your blog, your server can’t handle the massive traffic. And because of this, you can face problems like website crashing.

So, you have to buy a dedicated server or cloud hosting for your blog, and the cost will be increased.

Why is WordPress a better than Blogger?

Many things make WordPress a winner as compared to Blogger.

Third-Party plugins – Blogger vs WordPress

Plugins in WordPress: There are thousands of WordPress plugins are available to use on the WordPress platform, and all they are available in free or paid versions. Almost all types of functionality we can achieve with WordPress.

Plugins in Blogger: There is no option available to use 3rd party plugins on Blogger. Bloggers have their Gadgets to use on your blog, but they are very limited.

Permalinks – Blogger vs WordPress

Permalinks in WordPress: We can change the structure of permalinks on WordPress from the backend of our blog. Go to settings, click on permalinks, and you can have the option to select the permalinks type.

Permalinks structure on Blogger: We can edit our post URL in Blogger but only after the year and date of posting. It means the URL will be like on Blogger. And we can’t change this from the dashboard of Blogger.

But, we can get rid of year and date in blogger URL with one trick, and that is by adding a custom code in the HTML.

SEO – Blogger vs WordPress

It is a myth that WordPress is better in SEO, and we can’t rank blogger blogs as compare to WordPress. But it’s wrong. Let’s have a look at the comparison of SEO things on Blogger and WordPress.

SEO on WordPress Blog: There are plenty of plugins are available to help in the SEO of our blog. These plugins are helping in one-page SEO, like targeted keyword analysis, keywords in headings, detect the alt tag in images, analyze the number of word count and images in your article, and so on.

SEO on Blogger: There is no option to check the SEO on Blogger. But it’s not mean that Blogger is terrible for SEO. If you write an article on WordPress and the same article on Blogger, then SEO faster will be the same on both platforms.

The SEO Plugins are helping to manage many things like XML sitemap on WordPress, but if you set up the essential things in your blogger blog and configure your blog with search engines, you don’t have to worry about it.

Design, Tools and other Functionality – Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger Design, Tools, and functionality: If you are looking to add some function, then you need a JavaScript expert to do those things. To change the design and structure of your blog, you have to edit the HTML and CSS of the template. And it isn’t straightforward to handle these things on the Blogger.

You can add just content and images to your blog. There is no option to start a store or any other tools on your blog.

Design, tools, and functionality with WordPress: You can change the design of your blog at any time with the help of plugins. You can add many features to your blog, and you are free to customize things on WordPress. You can start your store on WordPress in just a few clicks.

For which type of niches we can use Blogger?

Blogger is the best choice if you want to start an event blog or a blog with content and images. But, if you wish to start other things like a store or a Forum website, or any other type of blog or website with dynamic things, then Blogger is not for you.

Monetization- Blogger vs WordPress

Monetization is the final and central part of blogging for you to make money with your blog.

You can use Adsense and affiliate links on your blogger platform to make money with your blog. Get more traffic to your blog and make more money with Blogger. Blogger is not allowing us to place ads from other ad networks.

On the other hand, We can use any ad network on our blog, and there is no limitation for monetization on WordPress Blog.

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