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Blogging vs YouTube : Better option to earn money online?

Blogging vs YouTube

Many people claim that blogging is dead and that YouTube isn’t an effective way to make money passively.

Both of these statements are not true.

If you are passionate about what you do, both mediums, blogging, and YouTube may be very profitable, and both platforms can provide you with a lot of passive income.

I’ll help you decide whether blogging or YouTube is the best platform for you.

What is Blogging?

A blog is simply an informational website that displays valuable Content authored by a writer or a group of authors like the one you’re reading right now.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video file-sharing website that allows you to upload videos.

Google owns this platform. To become a YouTuber, you must first create a channel on the site.

Blogging Vs YouTube

Let’s look at the difference between both platforms that help you choose the best one for you. 

1. Startup Cost

youtube, blog, blogging, start up cost of blogging

Blog: You can start your premium blog on WordPress. Although WordPress is an open-source and free platform, you will need to pay for some features such as hosting and a domain name.

But you may spend money on customization, plugins, or other things. Without additional elements, you can start your blog with hosting and a free domain from Bluehost for just $60.

How to start a blog ( Step by Step guide for beginners )

YouTube: To create a channel on the YouTube platform no need to spend a single penny.

The Youtube platform is free to use. With your mobile phone, you can create videos and upload in free of cost.

But, for a professional youtube channel, you have to spend more money than a blog. Because, you need to buy a camera ( or mobile ), Laptop for video editing, microphone, editing software, etc.

So, it depends on the niche. For example: For creating a comedy movie channel, you can’t get good results from mobile.

On the other hand, if you want to run a mobile app review channel, then a mobile phone will be the best option for you.

2. Difficulty to get traffic

Youtube: Easy to get traffic to your videos. There are many features available on youtube that help to get traffic to youtube videos.

For example, if someone subscribes to your channel after watching your video, then he/she will get notified about your next video.

If someone watches your video, then other videos are also suggested by Youtube to him/her, and there is no need to make extra SEO efforts on Youtube. 

Traffic on website, website traffic

Blogging: In blogging, it isn’t easy to get views or traffic. There is no automatic feature available.

And if you still need to do it then, you have to send an email to the list of subscribers who subscribed to your blog.

You’ll need to implement digital marketing and SEO for organic traffic, but this will take time.

3. Monetization

Youtube:  Google Adsense is a single option to monetize your channel to show ads on the video.

It is possible to earn money on Youtube without Google Adsense, and Affiliate marketing & Sponsorship are one of those ways.

To get approval to show google ads on your channel, you must match the terms and conditions for youtube monetization. You need to attain at least 1K subscribers and 4K hours of watch time on your channel over the last year.

Monetization, website Monetization, youtube Monetization

Blog: Many monetization options are available in blogging as compared to YouTube.

PPC ads, Paid reviews, Affiliate marketing, Sponsorship, paid articles, sell space on your blog, etc. are some ways to monetize your blog

Approval from AdSense is easy in blogging also. Before submitting for support, you need to create pages like About, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and contact us page with 10-15 original posts. 

4. Ownership

Youtube: Google owns the Youtube platform. So, Google has the right to delete or terminate your channel at any time.

Furthermore, if you violate any terms and policies, then google can punish your channel.

Blogging: You own a blog, and there is no need to think about termination unless you run your blog on Blogger/Blogspot platform or any other 2.0 platform.

If you have your self-hosted blog and violate any policy of AdSense, then google can only disable your monetization.

Blogging vs Youtube: Pros and cons


Youtube is the top most visited website or platform on the internet, and you can imagine the traffic on youtube.


  • No need to spend any single penny on starting a channel
  • Easy to monetize your channel with AdSense.
  • Many methods are available to earn money on Youtube
    • Google Adsense
    • Affiliate Marketing 
    • Sponsorship
    • Brand Collaboration
    • Sell your products
  • No need to make extra efforts to promote your channel because people are already spending time on youtube.


  • Channel can get terminated by violating the policy of youtube.
  • Google owned all the rights of the youtube platform.


If you are serious about earning online from blogging, you can start a self-hosted WordPress blog. 


  • Tons of methods are available to earn money
    • PPC ads like Adsense
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Sell Products
    • Sell Own services and courses
    • Rent space on your blog
  • Dependency on 3rd party (Youtube) is zero
  • You have your rights


  • Need to spend some money
  • Need patience

Select your platform between youtube and blog

I hope you have already decided after this discussion between Youtube and blogging. But before selection, you should consider these points.

1.Check the competition in your niche on both platforms 

Let’s understand with an example: The SEO niche has many excellent videos available, but there aren’t many articles for specific long-tail keywords.

As a result, we’ve opted to focus more on blog posts in our content marketing plan. However, suppose you want to figure out which term has the least competition in your niche.

In that case, we recommend doing some basic keyword research to identify keywords around which you may create Content.

2. Is it Beneficial to the Subject to Use Video?

Some niches are better served by video because they benefit from graphics. However, in some cases, text can be equally as good as, if not better than, graphics for expressing a message.

3. Which Platform Is More Appropriate for Your Monetization Plan?

One of the reasons we appreciate blogging is because you can edit the wording later if necessary.

For example, you might notice that certain Content offers a terrific opportunity to advertise an affiliate offer you’ve recently discovered. You could go back and put some links in the text if the Content was in article style.

If this Content were in video format, however, it would be considerably more difficult, not impossible, to go back and update your video to include the new affiliate offer.

Another advantage of blogging on your website for monetization is choosing which ad networks you want to use to monetize your traffic.

You are compelled to utilize Google Adsense on YouTube.

4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating Content on 3rd party Platforms


When you upload a video to a network like YouTube, you don’t have complete control over how it’s distributed.

Having all of your subscribers on your channel rather than on more controllable assets like email might also be troublesome.

Consider what Facebook achieved in 2015 with organic reach and the changes it made in 2018. Before the 2015 modifications, simply posting to your Facebook page allowed you to reach a large portion of your audience organically.

Reaching your audience without paying for ads became significantly more difficult with the 2015 algorithm adjustment.


While it is preferable to own the asset you are publishing on, there are several advantages to publishing information on third-party websites:

Because of the domain’s high authority, it will be easy to rank in search engines in most circumstances.

People trust platforms with a high level of authority more than platforms with a lower level.

5. Have you ever managed any blog/website before?

Keyword research and on-page SEO are helpful for blogging and YouTube, and website management still necessitates technical skills.

However, if you don’t have a lot of experience with technical SEO, you could find it easier to publish most of your material on Medium or YouTube.

6. Editing and Equipment – Blogging Vs Youtube

Professional video equipment is not essential while generating YouTube content, but it can be advantageous.

Furthermore, editing and post-production usually necessitate some fundamental understanding, which is not necessary with articles.

7.Which of the following comes more naturally to you?

Blogging is a good option if you consider yourself a skilled writer. On the other hand, YouTube is undoubtedly a better alternative for you if you enjoy being in front of the camera.

Therefore, we propose that you start by experimenting with blogging and YouTube to discover which one comes naturally to you and produces the best results.

Just make sure to write at least ten articles and record ten videos to determine which one is working best for you.

8. What are the places where your target audience circulates?

When deciding between blogging and YouTube, think about where your target audience hangs out.

For example, if you’re in the fashion industry, Instagram and YouTube are likely to be popular with your target audience.

But on the opposite, if you are working in the SEO industry, Instagram isn’t the best place. The majority of SEOs search for Content on Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

You don’t have to stick to the existing norm when it comes to platform selection. However, it can be good to try developing Content on a new platform due to the minimal competition.

9. Do you want to run ads/advertisements?

Google search advertisements usually are more expensive than other forms of internet advertising.

YouTube ads are now underpriced in our perspective. In addition, it makes it simple to use them to expand your YouTube channel.

However, if you use YouTube, you may have issues with other ad systems. Example: You can’t run Instagram retargeting advertising to your YouTube audience.

10. How quickly do you want traffic?

Although blogging is slower than YouTube in traffic generation, it can still be effective if your site authority is high.

If there is little competition for your keywords and match the parameters of their system, you can rank on YouTube almost immediately.

These were the essential things you keep in your mind before selecting a platform in Blogging vs YouTube. Let’s look at why blogging is better for you and Why Youtube is better than Blogging.

Why Blogging is better than YouTube? – Youtube vs Blogging

1.CPC is high on Blog as compare to Youtube

Whenever a person starts a blog or a YouTube channel, he wants to earn with his Blog or YouTube channel anyway.

Google Adsense is a platform with the help of which you can earn money from your YouTube channel or blog, but when we talk about making money with Adsense from YouTube or Blog, then CPC plays a significant role in your earning.

CPC means cost per click, in other words whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, then how much money you get by doing that single click, that is CPC

But when we compare CPC of advertisements shown by Google Adsense on both platforms, Blog or youtube, we always get more CPC on Blog than youtube.

Whenever we write a blog post with a particular or targeted keyword, and we make a video with the same targeted keyword, the CPC we will get in the advertisements appearing on the YouTube video is less than the CPC of ads blog post.

So, the Blog is a clear winner in CPC when we compare Youtube vs Blogging.

2.You can update published posts on your blog.

I like blogging because we can update our posts at any time.

Now suppose that I am comparing Blog and youtube in this post, and I have told the pros and cons of these two platforms. But if anything changes on youtube or inside blogging, I can update the things on this post. I can edit the information and update this post to make my viewers aware of the latest information.

But we can’t do this with YouTube videos. Whenever you make a video on a topic and upload it to your YouTube channel, you cannot edit that video.

If you have to give some updates on the same topic, you have to upload a new video to your channel.

3.Avoid Camera Facing with blogging.

It is not easy for everyone to speak in front of the camera, so many people want to share their thoughts or information with people, but they do not want to face the camera.

Suppose you are also one of those people who do not want to come in front of the camera. Blogging is a platform that you can use to share your thoughts with people, and you will not even have to go in front of the camera.

4.No need to spend money on electronics items like Camera, mic, etc

As I told you earlier that to start a YouTube channel, you do not need to buy hosting nor any domain. You can create your own YouTube channel for free.

But as you know that YouTube is a video platform, and by creating a channel there, you share your information with people through your videos.

If you upload an excellent video to your channel and suit your videos with a good camera, you can quickly get success on YouTube. 

But if we upload poor quality videos on our youtube channel, then our viewers are never impressed. In contrast, if we upload a good quality video, all the viewers who will come to our videos spend more and more time on our videos.

And to make a good video, we need a good camera or a good smartphone, and along with the video, our audio quality also matters a lot, for which we have to invest in the mic.

You may also need a video setup room, green background, lights, etc.

5.You can hire someone to write your articles.

Face value or your voice matters a lot on YouTube because people like to see you or the information given by you on videos. The face value and your voice matter a lot on YouTube because your viewers love seeing and hearing you, and you can’t hire someone else for it.

But this is not the case in blogging; you can hire as many people as you want to write articles.

You have to keep in mind that whichever writer you hire to write the article, write your articles well so that you can keep your readers engaged on your post as much as possible.

6.More earning ways as compared to YouTube

Along with Google Adsense, there are some other ways with the help of which you can earn money from YouTube channels such as affiliate marketing and sponsorship videos.

But when it comes to blogging and YouTube channel, blogging is far ahead of YouTube in earning methods because you can make money from your Blog in many such ways.

These are some of the ways to earn money from your Blog:

  • Monetize with Google Adsense,, and other ads networks.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorship Post
  • Rent Space On Your Blog
  • Paid Backlinks
  • Paid Guest post
  • Write paid reviews on Products etc.

Blogger and WordPress are the best ways to start your blog and if you want to check the comparison then you can check our another article on ‘Blogger Vs WordPress – Which platform is best for your?

Why YouTube is better than Blog – Youtube vs Blogging

1.Time spend to make a video is less than writing a post.

If you write a detailed article on any topic, it takes at least 3 to 4 days. And whenever we write a blog post, we have to analyze our competitor website score and ensure that our article is better than all those other websites and is in detail.

It is essential to have detailed information in a YouTube video, but the time it takes us to make a video is much less than writing an article.

And if you explain the same information by writing, it will take more time for you.

2.No need to worry much about SEO for your Youtube channel or video

In Blogging, to get success in blogging, you need to have SEO information because, without SEO, you cannot get your post ranked on the Google search result page.

Backlinks, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO are ways to rank your post so that whenever someone searches about a topic on Google or any search engine, then that Article is visible to that person in the search result.

But this is not the case on YouTube. You have only to keep in mind that the title and description of your video are related to your topic. And the tag you use in your video should also be related to your main focused keyword.

3.Express things are easy with videos as compared to articles.

We have already discussed that you can explain well through voice and visuals. Because what a man sees with his own eyes, he understands more quickly.

Therefore, in comparison to an article, you can explain things well through video.

4.Success is easy on YouTube.

You know that nowadays people like to watch videos more than reading articles.

Whenever you search for something, you might have searched it on YouTube instead of searching it in Google.

And this is the reason that YouTube is the second most visited website in the world after Google.

There are many topics about which articles are available on Google, but videos are not available on YouTube. And you can take advantage of this and become a successful YouTuber.

It does not matter whether you are new to YouTube or you have an old channel, but this is not the case in blogging.

That’s why getting success on YouTube is more straightforward than getting hit in blogging.

and YouTube is a winner when we compare YouTube Vs Blogging.

5.Only one-time investment

To start a blog, you have to buy hosting and domain, and when you buy this hosting and domain, you have to renew it every year.

Along with this, if you use a premium theme on your blog or in the future you want to switch to another SIM, then it will cost you some money.

But if you run a YouTube channel and have a good smartphone or camera, and have invested in a full video setup, you do not need to spend again on all these things.

In the beginning, you have to spend money to start a YouTube channel, and after that, the running cost of your YouTube channel will be almost zero.


Finally, I believe that YouTube and blogging are the finest ways to get money. However, if you are new to the digital world, YouTube is the simplest place to start.

The reason for this is that it is a completely free platform. You don’t have to pay for hosting or a name with a blog, for example. Aside from that, getting views is simple.

But, if you are a talented writer who wants to expand your horizons, blogging is the way to go.


We welcome your thoughts, if you want to share your opinions, please do so in the form of comments.

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