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How to update or Change Author Display name on WordPress?

Some time we don’t want to display our real name as an author on our WordPress Blog. We can change the author display name with in few steps on WordPress.

You can have many reasons to update the name of the author, and we can do these changes with 2 ways.

  1. You can change the author of your posts or pages. To change the author of the posts and pages you have to create a new author in your WordPress blog or website.
  2. If you are a single author on your blog or website, then you can update your display name on your WordPress blog.

In this article we are going to discuss the 2nd way to change Author Display Name on WordPress.

You can follow this step by step guide to rename the author display name on WordPress.

How to change Author Display name in WordPress?

By default, WordPress showing the username as an author of the posts in your blog. But, if you enter a wrong name at the time of the installation, then you can change your display name in your entire site.
These are the steps to change your display name in WordPress:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and find User option.

Author Display name, users

You can find the User option on the left hand sidebar in the WordPress dashboard.

Hover the mouse on Users and click on profile option.

How to update or Change Author Display name on WordPress?

You can also click on Users, then click on edit from the list of users on WordPress. Now, you will be redirected to the profile page.

Find Nickname field on profile page and enter New Name.


By default your user name will be there, edit that name and enter new one.

Select your new name from the drop down list of Display name publicly as.

How to update or Change Author Display name on WordPress?

You can find this Display name publicly field next to the Nickname.

Click on Update Profile.

How to update or Change Author Display name on WordPress?

You can find Update Profile button on last of the page. and it’s done!

Why author name is important in post ?

Author box is very important in post, because it build trust on your website. It is a very good idea to show the author name in your post.

People will recognise your work, and it will give you the inspiration to work hard on your website or blog.

If we start writing anonymously on blog then we can’t build a brand, or ot very default to build. If you add author box in your posts, then you can build trust.

Google also recommended to add the author and author bio in your website and posts.

Author name or Bio is important for SEO?

Author bios aren’t the ranking factors. It is clear that Author Bio is not important for SEO. But, quality readers always look at them.

Author name and bio is to provide a common standard for readers to verify your blog’s quality. This is not because author bios are a part Google’s algorithm.

In order to build trust with users, author name and bios are important.


Can I add multiple users on WordPress?

Yes, WordPress allows to create multiple users in your website. You can check user section in WordPress dashboard to add a new user in your website.

How can I change user roles on WordPress?

Admin can change the roles of any user by following this path: Login to the WordPress Dashboard > Go to sidebar and click on Users > Select user and click on edit option > Find Role field in the profile page > Select role from the drop down list >click update user.

How many users can I have on my WordPress website?

You can add unlimited number of users on your website, there is no limit to decide that how much users you can have on your WordPress website.

What is the deference between post and pages on WordPress?

Main difference between posts and pages is that WordPress posts have an official publication date. They are displayed on your blog’s page by the date. But, WordPress pages don’t have any publish date, and are intended for static.

Can I change permalinks structure on WordPress?

You can find multiple type of permalinks structure on WordPress, and you can easily switch the permalinks from the settings option in WordPress dashboard.


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