Change the unit from inches to centimeters in Google Docs

By default, the measurement unit in Google Docs is in inches. The ruler is also showing the measurement in inch units. But it is easy to change the units from inches to centimeters.

To change the unit from inches to centimeters in Google Docs, you need to change the language of your Google account.

Switch Inches to centimeters in Google Docs.

Page Setup 1

You can check the unit of measurement in your document by checking the page setup. Follow the path File > Page Setup to check the page setup settings. If you find an inch unit, follow the steps below to change it.

  1. Login to your Google account and visit
  2. Look for the Privacy & Personalization box and click “Manage your data & Privacy.”
    Manage your data Privacy in google account
  3. Click on “Personal Info” from the side menu bar.
    Google account personal info
  4. Go to “General preferences for the web.”
    genral preferences for web
  5. Tap on “Language“.
  6. Click on the Edit icon next to the English language.
    Edit English language in google account
  7. Choose the English Language.
    Select English language
  8. Select United Kingdom.
    Select United Kingdom
  9. Hit on “Save”.

Go to page setup and check. The units will be changed to centimeters. But keep in mind that the language change of your account will affect your whole Google account.

Unit in Centimeter

Now, your preferred language is English UK, and units of your Google account switched from inches to centimeters. These changes will not be limited to Google Docs; language switching will apply to your account.

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