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How to change WordPress Dashboard theme?

Are you looking to change the WordPress admin theme? or want to add a custom color scheme.

You can match the color scheme of your WordPress admin dashboard with your brand color by adding a custom color scheme. WordPress lets you create the custom dashboard color for single or different users.

By following the steps in this article you can easily change the WordPress admin color scheme.

Reason to change the WordPress dashboard theme

Maybe you don’t like the default WordPress dashboard theme, or the default admin color scheme is not matching with your WordPress Website theme.

If you are running a membership website and users can log in to your site, then it is useful to give a better experience to your users.

There are many ways to change the admin color scheme in WordPress. You can change the dashboard colors from default color options or add a custom scheme. Jump to the method which you want to use from the list below.

How to Change WordPress Dashboard Theme

There is an option to change the color scheme by default in WordPress. You can select the pre-existing colors from the built-in feature of WordPress.

To change the color scheme, login to your dashboard and follow this path Users > Profile > Select admin color scheme > Update Profile

You can check before clicking on the update profile button by choosing a different color.

To control or apply admin color scheme to different registered users you can follow this path Users > All Users > Hover on user and click ‘Edit’ >Select color scheme > Update profile

This is the way to change the color of the admin dashboard in WordPress. But If you want to add custom colors then you can add by following the process below.

»Add custom admin color scheme on WordPress dashboard

By default, WordPress has 9 inbuilt dashboard themes/color schemes, but you can add customized colors to your WordPress if you don’t like those.

To add custom WordPress dashboard color follow these steps:


1. Go to WordPress Admin Colors website and find the ‘Start Creating’ button on the home page.

Customise your WordPress Admin Page

Click on the ‘Start Creating’ button.

2. Enter Color scheme name and scheme id will be generated automatically. Now you can change and select the custom colors for Menu, notification, background, links, button, etc.

Generate Color Scheme

On the same page, you can also check, how your admin dashboard will look like with a demonstration on the right side.

Click on the ‘Generate Color Scheme‘ button.

3. On the new page you can find the option to download a stylesheet and one code for your function.php file.

Stylesheet and code for function.php file

Now, download and upload the stylesheet to your theme and copy the code from the 2nd section and add it to function.php

How to edit the function.php file?

Upload Stylesheet to your WordPress theme files

If you have access to Cpanel or FTP then you can easily upload the stylesheet.css file to your WordPress theme. But, in this tutorial, you will find a simple solution and you don’t have to go to your Cpanel or with FTP.

But, if you don’t have these details or you are not familiar with the FTP or cPanel, then you can do this by accessing the file manager with the help of a plugin called “Advanced File Manager

Cpanel or FTP users can skip the first step and follow the instructions from 2nd step.

To upload the stylesheet.css, you can follow these steps:

Install and activate the “Advanced File Manager plugin”

Advanced File manager wordpress

You can also use other related plugins, but we recommended this plugin because it is tested on IndoClan.

Click on File Manager option from the left side menu bar on WordPress dashboard

File ManagerYou will be redirected to the page, where you can access the files of your website. Cpanel users can also access the theme files by file manager from the Cpanel options.

Tap on “Wp-content”

wp-content>themesYou can find ‘Wp-content’ in the public_html folder. If you are hosting multiple websites, then choose the correct website folder and look for wp-content.

Open the ‘themes’ folder and select the theme which you are using.

Themes folder in wordpressYou can find, multiple themes in the themes folder, choose the correct one and open the theme folder. On IndoClan we are using a newspaper theme.

Open the theme folder and upload the file

upload files in wordpress theme folderWhen you open the theme folder then you can see many files. Now, find an option to upload the file. Click on it and you can drag and drop your file or you can select your downloaded file by clicking on the ‘Select files’ button.

That’s it. your file is now uploaded to your theme files.

If you have any questions related to the topic ‘WordPress dashboard theme/color scheme’ please comment below. For any type of query related to WordPress, you can write us.

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