How to create a flowchart in google docs

Flowcharts help to show the process or any structure in your documents. Google Docs comes with the option to make a flowchart, or you can also insert the flowchart template from Google Drive.

Create a flowchart in Google Docs.

  1. Sign in to your Google account and open your Google document file.
  2. Tap on “Insert” on the menu bar.
    Insert in goodle docs in menu bar
  3. Hover on “Drawing” and select “+ New.”
    Drawing in Google Docs 1
  4. Find shapes, arrows, and other options in the menu bar.
    Shapes and arrows to create flowchart in google docs
  5. Create a Flowchart with the available tools.
    Create flowchart
  6. Hit on Save and Close.
  7. The flowchart will be visible on documents.
    Add Flowchart on Google Docs

You can adjust the flowchart in the documents. Tap on the chart to find the edit option and make any other adjustments.

Related things you need to know

  • Click on the flowchart and find the adjustment options.
    Flowchart adjustment options
  • Insert lines, arrows, connectors, terminal symbol curves, polylines, etc., from the menu bar.
    Lines arrows and connecter in flowchart
  • Essential elements you can find in the shape tool.

To insert the chart from Google Drive, go to Insert>Drawing>from Drive. Different flowchart maker add-ons are also available, which can help you create a flowchart in Google Docs.

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