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Flodesk vs Mailchimp – Better Option for Email Marketing

Mailchimp is the old and experienced player in this comparison ( Flodesk Vs Mailchimp), but don’t underestimate Flodesk.

Flodesk is a new tool in email marketing, but many email marketers are switching from Mailchimp to Flodesk.

In this article, we will compare these tools to decide which one is the best option for you to choose for email marketing.

Flodesk Vs Mailchimp

What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is a tool for email marketing that beginners and experts use to grow their businesses. Flodesk has beautiful templates, and you can customize or create your email template by drag and drop builder.

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Thousands of website owners are joining Flodesk every day. You can use the Flodesk tool without a website and can grow your business.

Flodesk is a Cloud or Web-based tool, and they don’t have any desktop or mobile version app or software.

Flodesk is best for :

  • Lifestyle and Travel: If you have a brand related to LifeStyle and Travel, then Flodesk will be the best option for you because they have many templates related to your niche. You can get expectational results with Flodesk.
  • Designers and Photographers: They have plenty of designs that suit your category. By creating beautiful designs, you can attract more people and grow your business.
  • Creative Enterprenuore: Flodesk is a design-centric tool. If you want to focus on minimal and innovative design, it’s for you.

Top Features available on Flodesk for email marketing.

  1. You will get Subscriber Management on the Flodesk platform.
  2. Create Mobile Optimized email templates
  3. Template Management
  4. Analytics is available in Flodesk.
  5. You can easily manage the list with the Flodesk tool.
  6. WYSIWYG Editor

Pros of Flodesk email marketing software

  • Flodesk is very easy to set up, and efficiently you can send your emails.
  • They have many templates for email, and you can choose which fits your requirements.
  • Flodesk offers a monthly plan with unlimited subscribers.
  • The drag and drop feature helps you to create the custom template.
  • Easy Customization
  • Image and Brand Focus template and elements.

Cons of Flodesk email marketing software

  • Flodesk has the only web-based tool, and they don’t have the downloadable file for multiple devices.
  • Lots of Analytics are missing in Flodesk.
  • $38/month can be a lot for newbies or new startups.

Now, let’s have a look at our 2nd competitor, the Mailchimp Email Marketing tool.

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an amazing All in one email marketing tool for businesses. You can grow your business fast with the Mailchimp platform. It is a user-friendly email marketing tool and allows you to focus on your audience.

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You can send automated messages and emails and create campaigns on the Mailchimp platform. You can build your landing pages and can send podcasts.

Mailchimp offers impressive analytics and reporting facility.

Mailchimp is best for:

  • Content creators: Are you a content creator or course creator? Mailchimp is the best option.
  • Ad Channels: You can create a campaign with Mailchimp, so if you are running an ad channel, then go with Mailchimp.
  • Multiple products: email marketing for products requires more analytics data, and Mailchimp is a champ in analytics and reporting.

Top features available on Mailchimp platform for email marketing

  1. They have cloud, web-based as well as desktop and mobile. You can use Mailchimp on your mac and windows, and they offer Mailchimp applications for iPhone, Android, and iPad.
  2. You can set autoresponder with the Mailchimp tool.
  3. Automated publishing is a fantastic feature of Mailchimp.
  4. A/B testing and Analytics, and ROI tracking are possible in the Mailchimp tool.
  5. Audience and Behavioral targeting are available.
  6. Campaign Analytics and Management.
  7.  You can do Channel management, Contact, and content management.
  8. Contact database and Collaboration tools are also an option in Mailchimp.

Pros of Mailchimp email marketing software

  • Easy to setup
  • Professional and clean template designs are available in Mailchimp.
  • Drag and drop feature available related to typography and branding design.
  • Free account available for up to 2k subscriber
  • Integrate with your WordPress website and Woocommerce platform.
  • Impressive Analytics feature, so you can track easily with Mailchimp.

Cons of Mailchimp tool

  • HTML and CSS designer required if you want more customization.
  • Less customize options available.
  • Costly plans after 2000 subscribers

Mailchimp Vs Flodesk – full Comparision

Mailchimp Vs Flodesk-Templates

Flodesk is a winner in template comparison between Mailchimp and Flodesk. Template designs on the Flodesk platform are aesthetic. You can give a branded feel to design by adding colors the same as your brand.

You can add colors in Mailchimp also, but on Flodesk, color changing is easy.

Flowdesk Templates focused on branding and imagery, and you don’t need to hire a designer for email design. On the other hand, you have to learn HTML & CSS or hire a designer for customization with Mailchimp.

Flodesk Vs Mailchimp pricing and plans

Again Flodesk is a winner in pricing, and let’s have a look at the pricing and plans of Mailchimp and the flow desk.

Flodesk Monthly and Anual Plan

If you want to try Flodesk, then you can go with Flodesk’s free trial. But, if you’re going for a premium, you have two options: $38/month and $418/Year.

If you are going with the annual plan of Flodesk, then you can save $38.

I recommended first go with the trial. If all things suit you with Flodesk, then you can go with premium.

Mailchimp Plans

They offer free accounts up to 2k subscribers. After you reach 2k, then they have three additional standard plans for you.

  • $10.28/month with 500 contacts
  • $15.35/month with 500 contacts ( with extra features )
  • $307.02/month with 10k contacts

You can calculate your price on the Mailchimp website with essentials, Standard, and Premium plans.

Analytics and tracking – Mailchimp Vs Flodesk

Mailchimp is the clear winner in analytics and tracking. You can easily monitor your data on the same platform. You can track your Mailchimp campaigns data on 3rd party apps like Google Analytics.

But, on Flodesk, you can analyze your data, but it’s not broad as Mailchimp.

Support – Mailchimp Vs Flowdesk

Both platforms are the same in support. If you have any queries on Mailchimp, then they take 2-3 days for a reply.

Flowdesk is a new platform, so they have a small team for support. Flodesk also has a Facebook page for community support. Flodesk takes 2-3 days to reply same as Mailchimp. I Hope Flodesk will improve support for the users.

Why are email marketers switching from Mailchimp to Flodesk?

Mailchimp is the top using platform for email marketing. But, many marketers are switching to Flodesk because Flodesk offers meager prices as compare to Mailchimp.

Flodesk has many features and the best platform for designers, photographers, travel, and lifestyle niche.

You can send emails to your unlimited subscribers with Flodesk at the same price, but on the other hand, you have to pay more for more subscribers on Mailchimp.

Things that are missing in Flodesk

Image cropping: You can’t crop images in Flodesk. You can get the result by uploading the correct aspect ratio of the image.

Mobile design: You can create a mobile responsive design with Flodesk. But, you can’t adjust your design manually for mobile screens. Flodesk automatically adjust your text and images to make them responsive.

Manual adjustment gives more flexibility to adjust the design. Mailchimp also has the same feature, but you can create the manual design with Mailchimp, and this feature is missing in Flodesk.

Can’t use multiple accounts: Mailchimp allows you to use two accounts with the same login details. Suppose, if you have two businesses and want to do email marketing for both, then you can’t do with Flodesk.

HTML Access: You can’t access the HTML with Flodesk. But, Mailchimp allows you to adjust the things in email by accessing the HTML.

Approval required for New subscriber list: It is a good point because Flodesk checks email’s legality. But, it can irritate users from a set-up standpoint. It will take some days to get approval from Flodesk.

Heading style in Flodesk: There is an option to set heading, but it’s manual. On Mailchimp, you have the option to set the heading style, and you can use that style in content when you need it. But on Flodesk, you have to adjust the text if you would like to use headings in your content.

Why Choose Mailchimp platform for email marketing?

Mailchimp users can easily understand why Mailchimp is the best platform for email marketing. You can track and analyze everything that you have to in email marketing.

They offer a free version, so if you are starting your business, you can enjoy the accessible version of Mailchimp for up to 2k subscribers.

For content-related business, Flodesk can’t beat Mailchimp. I know the price is high, but Mailchimp worth it.


I recommend Mailchimp if you are a blogger or have a business related to content. You can have free access to Mailchimp free version up to 2k.

But, Flodesk is the best option for you if you want to do email marketing with unlimited subscribers, and the flow desk offers fantastic deals. You can grow your business with Flodesk. If you’re going to do email marketing for a design-focused niche, then go for Flowdesk.

You can have Flowdesk free trial.

Go with your choice and Enjoy!


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