Google Docs Footnote Guide for Desktop and Mobile.

A footnote is a note at the bottom of the page in a document or book. The footnote is for providing additional information or citation for a particular point in the content. These can be used for site sources or to give extra context to the statement.

In Google Docs, Footnote can be inserted in just a few clicks.

Add Footnote in Google Docs on Desktop

  1. Open your Google Docs File.
  2. Place the cursor where you want to add a footnote.
  3. Go to the “Insert” menu.
    Insert in goodle docs in menu bar
  4. Click on Footnote.
    Footnote in Google Docs
  5. You can see the footnote at the cursor and footer.

Google Docs Footnote on Mobile Device

  1. Open your Google Docs file in the app.
  2. Place the cursor where you need the footnote.
  3. Find the “+” icon on the top and tap on it.
    Insert Menu in Google docs app
  4. Scroll and find the Footnote option in the Insert menu, tap on it.
    Footnote in Google Docs app on mobile
  5. The footnote section will appear at the place of your cursor and in the footer.


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