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Hostinger vs Bluehost – Which is a better hosting provider?

Hostinger vs Bluehost: Is it difficult to choose between Bluehost or Hostinger?

Hostinger and Bluehost both offer reliable, affordable hosting. Both these entry-level hosts offer a wide range of features, functionality, and plans at affordable prices.

Bluehost and Hostinger are excellent options for small blogs and businesses.

Web hosting is a key factor in the success of any website. This comparison will help determine whether Hostinger or Bluehost are suitable web hosts for you, no matter if you are starting a new website or switching from another provider.

Hostinger – The main strength is the features and cheap price. It is a good option for those, who have a tight budget and looking cheap hosting provider.

Bluehost – The best thing about’s is its excellent WordPress hosting. Bluehost was rated the best overall web host out of all those we tested.


Bluehost is a long-standing favorite in both the shared and WordPress hosting space. Bluehost adheres to the latest hardware standards and provides excellent customer support.

Bluehost is a popular choice in the hosting community because of its generous incentives such as unlimited email addresses, marketing credits, and free domains. Bluehost has redesigned its user experience, making it easier for new users to get started.

The dashboard and customer experience will be easy to use for new users. Bluehost is the right host if you are looking for WordPress hosting on a dedicated, shared, or virtual server.

Bluehost has been approved by WordPress Core as one of the few providers. You can install the popular blogging platform with just one click through the control panel or let the managed services team handle it for you.

Bluehost is also a top-ranked server hosting provider, offering excellent performance and competitive pricing. Your dedicated or virtual server will run fast and be available virtually all day with guaranteed resources and two to four cores.

  • Free domain registration and SSL certificate
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • Unlimited traffic and 24/7 support
  • Usually, $7.99 per month, but our visitors receive 63% off.
  • Hardware and uptime that is industry-leading

Pros and Cons of Bluehost


  • Excellent WordPress hosting – If you are looking for hosting for your WordPress site, Bluehost is an amazing option for you.
  • Excellent WordPress Hosting –Bluehost, regardless of your site size, is the best hosting provider for WordPress sites. Bluehost has even been recommended by!
  • Affordable plans with great value –Bluehost is not as affordable as Hostinger but it offers better value than other providers.
  • Customer support that was beyond our expectationsBluehost support was tested by us and we found it to be timely, relevant, and able to answer our questions.


  • Avoid extra change Bluehost will automatically choose add-ons when you check out. Make sure to un-tick them before you pay to avoid any surprise fees. The minimum contract time is one year. 
  • No cloud hosting. If you are looking for flexible cloud hosting, then Bluehost is not for you.
  • Limited storage for the cheapest plans –Bluehost has a tendency to offer more storage than Hostinger but it offers a smaller amount than other web hosts.


Hostinger is a company that is created to make website developer’s and customers’ lives easier. Hostinger provides reliable, fast, and efficient services at an affordable price.

In 2004, Hostinger, a bootstrapped company, reached the 10 million user mark a decade later. Hostinger receives an average of 200,00 new users each day, roughly five new customers per second.

Hostinger has approximately 250 people and maintains several offices around the world. Remote workers are also available to help ensure Hostinger support and services are always available. Hostinger offer lives chat support 24/7 and a 99.9% guarantee of service uptime.

The Hostinger’s focus is on resource-rich shared hosting as well as scalable virtual servers.

Hostinger offers WordPress-friendly optimizations and drag & drop website builder. There are also daily or weekly back-ups and an annual domain free of charge. Hostinger seeks to achieve the best balance of price and performance.

Hostinger doesn’t offer superb services at a low price. It is a remarkable victory for the company to find SSDs that offer such high performance and at a lower cost than other competitors.

  • Support via live chat or ticketing 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed 99.9% Network Uptime
  • FREE domain, site builder, and backups.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, databases, & email accounts
  • SSDs with speed increase performance

Pros and Cons of Hostinger


  • Host DiscountsHostinger’s most appealing feature is its incredibly affordable starting prices. Prices start at a mere $1, $0.99 per month for new users.
  • Multilingual customer service Hostinger provides support in many languages through its customer service agents worldwide.
  • FeaturesHostinger provides several cool features, depending on which plan you choose. These include email accounts and automatic backups.


  • No dedicated web hosting –Hostinger is not for you if you need a dedicated plan to help support large websites or online shops.
  • Low downtime guarantee –Hostinger’s 99.90% guaranteed uptime is very low compared with its competitors.
  • Hostinger’s plans offer very low starting prices. However, they are not valued for money. To qualify for the lowest prices, you will need to sign up to receive it for a minimum of four years.

Hostinger vs Bluehost: Features

We will be focusing on the shared hosting plans of Hostinger and Bluehost and comparing their features.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Features

There are many useful features and tools you will find. Bluehost’s plans were created for site owners who have small websites or medium size websites.

  • Unlimited storage and websites (not available with the Basic plan).
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free domain with hosting for the first year
  • Installation of WordPress in one click
  • No cost SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt).
  • Easy WordPress Staging Sites
  • $200 Marketing Credits for Google Ads or Bing Ads

Bluehost’s Shared plans have a lot to offer. Mentioning the ‘unlimited resource’ option on all plans, except the Basic plan. Includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, which is ideal for hosting multiple websites.

Hostinger Features

Hostinger’s shared plans are slightly cheaper than Bluehost packages.

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Free site migration ( Bluehost doesn’t offer free migrations).
  • No cost domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth (except for the Single plan at the lowest price)
  • Install WordPress in one click
  • Backups daily
  • SSL free (on the highest-tier Business plan).

Hostinger’s 99.9% uptime guarantee and free site migration are two of the most notable features. Hostinger is an excellent option for small sites that are important. Hostinger will ensure your sites are always up and running.

Price – Hostinger vs Bluehost

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost plans are available with different price ranges and depend on the contract.

Hostinger vs Bluehost - Which is a better hosting provider?

Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger offers the lowest prices of both hosting providers. Prices start from $1.39 a month (current promotions may be different). Bluehost plans are more affordable if you sign a more extended contract. You get 48 months of the advertised price.

Easy of use – Hostinger vs Bluehost


Bluehost offers a good setup menu in their WordPress dashboard that securely allows you to change your login details using the WordPress default.

This is an important security measure that beginners often overlook. Hostinger is easy to use – it focuses on WordPress onboarding and provides a quick and straightforward setup for even complete beginners.

Website Setup and Running 

Hostinger and Bluehost offer WordPress installation and automatic WordPress upgrades in one click. This will make it easy to get your site online quickly and ensure that everything runs well. This is an amazing feature, and it will save time during setup.

You can manage your website with one of the two web hosts – they offer free backups, free SSL, and domain management. Bluehost Goes the extra mile to include all hosting plans include a free domain.

You can also connect domain names that you already own to the setup process.HostingSome plans offer a free domain, but not all.

Support – Hostinger vs Bluehost

Hostinger and Bluehost offer support to existing and new customers. However, if you need immediate assistance with your queries, Bluehost is the right choice.

Let’s have a look at what support options are offered by Bluehost and Hostinger.

Bluehost provides better support options

Bluehost offers a range of support options to meet everyone’s needs. Bluehost is very flexible and will help you solve any problem you may have. These are the support options available to you…

  • Knowledgebase: Bluehost has a vast and searchable knowledge base that includes how-to videos and guides, instructions, and other useful information.
  • Telephone support: Customers can reach a team of hosting experts 24/7 via phone.
  • Live Chat Support: This is a favorite of mine. It’s available 24 hours a day, and the response time on numerous occasions has been almost immediate.

Bluehost is providing high-quality support for the users.

Hostinger offers ticketed email support

Hostinger’s support is not as good as Bluehost’s. Hostinger support is for you if you don’t need much support or are happy to search the knowledge base for what you need. Let’s have a look at the offerings…

  • Knowledgebase: Hostinger’s knowledge base contains a variety of helpful and simple-to-follow tutorials and how-to articles. Hostinger’s ‘Getting Started’ section is particularly useful for those who are new to the platform. It provides all the information needed to set up Hostinger smoothly.
  • Email support: Hostinger offers ticketed support via email. You can submit your question and be contacted by a customer representative to resolve your problem.
  • Live Chat Support: Hostinger provides a 24/7 live chat service that allows you to communicate with your host in real-time.

Hostinger does not offer phone support. This could be a problem if you need immediate help and would like to speak to someone.

Bluehost vs Hostinger: Performance and Security

Hostinger is less reliable than Bluehost. Hostinger’s uptime guarantee is what is causing this. Hostinger’s uptime percentage isn’t as high as we would like. It’s close, but Bluehost is just a little ahead.

Hostinger and Bluehost Uptime

Hostinger guarantees 99.90% uptime. This equates to approximately 7 hours 53 minutes of downtime in one year. This is the worst-case scenario, but it’s something to consider before you commit to a plan.

You want a web host who guarantees your site’s uptime. Bluehost offers 99.98% uptime and it is better than Hostinger. This equates to approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes of downtime per year.


Hostinger and Bluehost both hosting services offer SSL Certificates for Free. Check out their hosting plans. SSL encrypts the data that passes between your visitors and your site, it is more important to protect login information and payment information.

We particularly liked Bluehost’s focus on security during WordPress onboarding. You will need to change your login details from default. This is an important security measure that beginners often overlook.

Each web host monitors online threats and has security measures in place to detect them. To keep up with online threats, the details of these defenses are often kept vague. Despite this, Bluehost is upfront about its security.

All security features are available, including automatic security updates, backup data protection, and malware detection.

Responsible for updating and backing up – Hostinger vs Bluehost

Hostinger and Bluehost offer free backups – but you must pay for them. We always recommend having your own backups.

Although it may seem excessive, it is best to be proactive about backups on your site so that you have total peace of mind in the event of a design error or security breach.

WordPress users don’t have to worry about WordPress software upgrades. Both Hostinger and Bluehost’s WordPress plans automatically take care of.

Hostinger takes it one step further by automatically updating plugins.


You now know the main differences between Hostinger & Bluehost.

You should now be able to determine which one is best for you by looking at features, pricing, migrations, customer support, and other details.

Hostinger: Who should use it?

  • For those on a strict budget, who are looking for highly discounted prices
  • Cloud hosting plans are required by users
  • Multilingual support is required for international users
  • Windows VPS Hosting Services for Users
  • Sites that aren‘t e-commerce, where downtime isn’t a deal-breaker


Hostinger is a great choice if you have checked all the boxes. Now it’s time to move on!

Get Hosting from Hostinger

Bluehost: Who should use it?

  • WordPress users searching for high-quality WordPress hosting
  • Customers who require dedicated hosting plans
  • For beginners, it is important to have solid support and guidance offering
  • Users who want real value for their money
  • Anybody who values reliability, performance, and quality over low pricing


Bluehost is our overall winner. If it is yours, now is the right time to review its features and choose your plan!

Get Hosting from Bluehost

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Which is better Hostinger or Bluehost?

Hostinger and Bluehost both have many things for the users. Each has its own pros and cons. Hostinger offers the best value and fastest loading times. Bluehost is the best choice if you need unlimited bandwidth, storage, and websites, or superior support.

Is Hostinger secure?

Host servers are equipped with advanced security modules which allow you to ensure the highest level of security. Users should take basic steps to ensure that their websites and accounts are secure.

Is Hostinger good for new bloggers?

Hostinger provides great web hosting for beginners. Their support team is excellent and will assist you if you have problems with your website. They also offer great features and the lowest prices in the market.

Which Bluehost plan is best for beginners.

Bluehost Basic is the perfect plan if you are looking for a basic website, such as a portfolio site. It costs only $2.95 per month.

Bluehost PLUS hosting plan, which is ideal for beginners, offers all the features you need to start a blog such as a free SSL certificate + a free domain name + unlimited websites at the most affordable price.

Can I cancel Hostinger and Bluehost at any time?

You have the option to cancel your account within thirty days of signing up or to set your plan to expire at the end of your term.

Can I upgrade my plan on Hostinger and Bluehost?

You can upgrade your plan anytime from the dashboard of both hosting providers, Bluehost and Hostinger. Or you can contact customer service to upgrade your plan.

Can I install WordPress on Bluehost and Hostinger?

Yes, you can install WordPress on both platforms, Bluehost, and Hostinger. You can install WordPress with just a few clicks on Hostinger and Bluehost.

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