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How to add signature in gmail

When we come to the profession and make conversation with emails, an email signature is an important thing you have to consider in your email. You can add the Signature in Gmail with a logo to give a professional look to your email.

Every time you enter your details manually is the old thing and very time-consuming. You can add your Signature automatically if you are using Gmail.

You can hire a designer to design your email signature.

So, if you want to add a signature in Gmail, this article is for you. To add an Email Signature in Gmail, please follow the steps below.

Add Signature in Gmail

Step1: Login to Gmail

Go to Gmail and log in to your account.

Step2: Go to Settings

Gmail All Settings

You can find the setting icon in the top right corner. Click on that icon and open all settings by clicking “See all settings.”

Step3: Find the signature option

In the General tab, scroll down and find the Signature option.

Step4: Name your Signature

Gmail Signature

Click on the “Create New” button. Here you can find the text field to enter the name of your email signature.

Signature name in Gmail

After entering the name of the email, signature click on the “Create” button.

Step5: Create Signature

Paste Signature in Gmail

Now, you will have the box to design your Signature, and you can write the simple text or paste the designed email signature here.

Step6: Set Signature defaults

Gmail Signature defaults

You have to set the signature defaults for new emails and replies/forward use. Select your Signature for both options. If you want to use two different signatures for new emails and replies, you can create another signature and select different for each.

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