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How to add signature in outlook

An email signature contains sender information that is attached to each email. We can auto attach an email signature to every email, which means whenever you send an email to someone, that email signature will be attached to that email which will show to the receiver at the last of every email.

So, if you want to know, how to add an email signature in outlook, you are at the right place. Please follow the steps below to add a signature in outlook.

Add Signature in Gmail

Automatically add Signature in Outlook

Step1:Login to your outlook account

Login Outlook

Go to the outlook website and sign in to your account.

Step2: Go to all settings of outlook

Settings of Outlook

You can find the settings icon on the top bar and find “View all Outlook settings” at bottom.

Step3: Select Compose and reply

compose and reply

Here you can add your email signature. First, enter the name of the signature and enter the details of your signature in the given box below.

You can add images and customize the text to give the good look to your email signature. If you already have the designed signature then you can paste it here.

Step4: Choose Conditions

Default signature

There you can find the options for new message and reply messages. If you want to add your email signature to every new message then select your signature name. In case you don’t want to attach a signature automatically then you can select no signature. If you select no signature then you can add this signature manually.

Same thing you can follow for replies/forward messages.

Click on the Save button.

Manually add signature in outlook

If you don’t want to add signature automatically in every email then you can add manually. But, you have to save your email signatures by following the upper tutorial.

Step1: Compose Mail

Insert Signature

You can find the new message button in the upper left corner. Click on “New Message”

Step2: Click on 3 dots (…)

You can find these 3 dots with the format option icon, click on these dots.

Step3: Insert Signature

Go to “Insert Signature” and select the signature which you want to add to your email.

If you have multiple signatures then you can see the list of those signatures with their name.


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