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How to change the name of YouTube channel? Step-by-Step

In this article, I will guide you “How you can change the name of YouTube channel.” There will be many reasons you can have to change the name of your Youtube channel.

But, If you want to start a new channel with another name, and that’s the reason to change the name of your YouTube channel, then you can create another channel with the same account.

You can check out our guide “How to create multiple Youtube channel with the same account?

Youtube allows us to change the name of our channel any time. You can follow these steps below.

Change the name of YouTube channel


First, login on YouTube with your Google account and find Settings option from the side bar of the YouTube’s home page.

create Multiple Youtube Channels, settings option, YouTube, homepage settings, rename YouTube channel

You can easily find the settings option by scrolling down the sidebar menus.


Now, find your channel icon on the upper right corner of the new page. Click on it and find for manage your Google Account option.manage your google account

Click on this link and you will be redirected to google account page.


Again, you need to click on the same icon of your channel on upper right corner and find manage account button.

Manage account, manage google account, manage YouTube channel

Click on Manage account button, and you will be redirected to another page.


On new page you can see one box with some option like Edit account info, manage permissions, view general account info, etc.

edit account info

Click on edit account info link.


Now, you can see the name section on new page. Click on the name section and you will be redirect again on another page and you can find edit icon on that page.

How to change the name of YouTube channel

You will be asked for login again with your google account, to confirm that these activities are done by your.


rename YouTube channel

After login you can rename your Youtube channel. Enter the new name for your channel and click on save button. Now your channel will have new name.

How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name?

Because the name of your YouTube channel really is an important component of your branding, it’s advisable to think about it twice before making a decision. Still, you can’t let this decision keep you from launching your YouTube channel for too long.

  • Make some effort to connect the name to the content: It is important to have a related term in your Youtube channel name. If you are creating a cooking YouTube channel, try to use cooking related term in your channel name.
  • Try to select a memorable name: Select a name that people can easily understand. Try to make a catchy name, it will hep you to create a brand.
  • Don’t use numbers in name: Try to avoid the numbers in your channel name. Use numerals only if they are directly related to your brand. 5-Minute Crafts is an example, It has a solid relation for having a number in channel name.
  • Check for similar channel names: Search for similar name of YouTube channels, if you find some with the same name, then try to add another word or use synonyms.

If you want to create a new channel then you can check our guide related to the same and you will get the full guide to create a new channel and full setup.

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