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How to Change WordPress Default Category?

If you are looking for a guide to change WordPress default category “Uncategorized” to another, then this article will help you to find the solution.

WordPress is amazing CMS to start a website or blog. You can easily organize the posts or articles in different categories and tags and every post needs at least one category.

Why Default Category is important?

Publish any post without selecting a category then that post will automatically publish in the default category. The default category name in WordPress is Uncategorised.

Categories and tags are the best way to organize your post and pages in your WordPress website or blog. user can easily filter things by category and tags and this type of categorization increase the user experience on your website.

So if you published a post without selecting the category in WordPress then that post will automatically be in the default category of WordPress.

Why change the WordPress Default Category?

Why it is important: now you know that why the default category is important but the name of the default category is also a very important factor for the user experience.

The name of the default category in WordPress is “Uncategorised” and the name of this default WordPress category is unprofessional and not a good name related to any niche.

For example: if you have a blog related to technology news or gadget news then you can set your default category from “Uncategorized” to the “News” category. Maybe you have the different categories in your WordPress blog or website but if you set “News” as the default category then all the posts will be published in that particular category until you changed to another one.

If you want to manage the tags and category then the TaxoPress plugin can help to optimize and organize. Follow the process below to change the WordPress Default category of all posts.

How to Change WordPress Default Category

WordPress default category changing is easy but make sure you have other categories in the WordPress blog which you are going to select as a default category.

If you don’t have any other category then you can check our guide about ” Add, Edit, Delete, and Rename Categories in WordPress.

Now, follow the steps below to change the default category in WordPress.

  1. Log in to WordPress Admin dashboard

    WordPress Login

    If you are an admin, please login in WordPress dashboard. You can use the /wp-admin extension to login into the dashboard.

    For Example

    Enter the username and password to log in. If you don’t know your username and password, try to log in from cPanel.

  2. Open Writing Setting

    Writing Settings

    Go to Setting>Writting from the sidebar menu.

  3. Change Default Category

    How to Change WordPress Default Category?

    On the Writing Setting page, find an option to change the default Category.

    Select the category from the drop-down list. and don’t forget to click on the “Save Changes” button.

Rename the Uncategorized Category

If you don’t want to set another category as a default category in word press then you have the second option and that is to rename the Uncategorised category.

To rename the category in WordPress go to

Posts > Categories > Edit/Quick Edit > Rename > Save/Update

You can easily change and rename any category in WordPress. Check our guide on “Add, Edit, Delete and Rename Categories in WordPress.

We hope this guide helps you to understand the process to change the default category of posts in WordPress. If you have any suggestion or you want new guide on any other topic then please let us know.

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