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How to delete a page in Google docs?

Some time we face unprofessional thing in Google Docs, and that is extra blank page. And, we can easily delete a page in Google Docs.

It happens mostly when we copy the text or documents from another source and paste in Google Docs. But we can easily solve this problem with these 5 methods.

Delete extra page in Google Docs

#1: By hitting on backspace or Delete

It’s possible that a page break was accidentally added to the page.

How to delete a page in Google docs?

To get rid of a pagebreak, simply place your mouse cursor at the end of the blank space and press the Backspace button on your keyboard until the break disappears. After the cursor is gone, the text should jump up to the correct page.

But, if this not work on your case, the try to use Delete Button instead of backspace.

If this method is not working for you then try to select the blank space and press the Backspace/Delete button on your keyboard.

How to delete a page in Google docs?

This is the first and a simple method to delete extra page in Google Docs.

#2: Change margins in Google Docs

If you find that previous method is not working in your case then you can solve this problem by adjusting the margins.

1. Click on “File”, you can find this on the top menu bar of the Google Docs.

2. Click on “Page Setup” from the drop down list.

How to delete a page in Google docs?
How to delete a page in Google docs?

Now, you will see one popup, and if you find some extra margins on top, bottom, left or right then you can adjust them.

#3: Adjust Line Spacing in Google Docs

In Google Docs, These is an option to adjust line spacing in text. We can also add space before paragraph and after paragraph.

So we can delete the blank page by adjusting the line space and by delete the after paragraph space for the last paragraph.

How to delete a page in Google docs?

Option 1: Reduce the line spacing of last paragraph, and if its not work then reduce the line spacing for full document.

Option2: Delete the After space of last paragraph.

Format > Line Spacing > Custom Spacing > Edit values from the popup

How to delete a page in Google docs?
How to delete a page in Google docs?

If you want to reduce line space or before/after spacing for particular paragraph, then first select that paragraph or lines.

To apply the changes on full document, don’t select any text or paragraph.

#4: Delete the page break space

Maybe you pressed Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Command+Enter (Mac) accidentally. these are the short key to add page break.

You can easily find the page break space between your documents on Google Docs.

If you want to check the page break space then follow the path below.

How to delete a page in Google docs?

View (Find on Main Menu bar) > Uncheck the Print Layout

How to delete a page in Google docs?

You can have this page break on the last of your document, or between the paragraph.

Now, place your mouse cursor at the end of the break space and press backspace.

#5:Delete a page in Google Docs with Clear Formatting

You can switch all settings of document to default settings by clear formatting.

How to delete a page in Google docs?

Click on format tab and you can find Clear formatting option in the dropdown list. Click on it and all settings will be switched to the default settings of your Google Docs.

Delete a page in Google Docs on Android or iPhone

If you are using a app for Google Docs on your Android or iPhone mobile, then we can easily delete an unwanted page in Google Docs.

To Delete A Blank Pages In Google Docs you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Docs app on your android or iPhone mobile.
  2. Select your file which have a blank page.
  3. Now, you can find Edit icon on lower right corner, click on that icon.
  4. Click on three dots, you can find these three dots on over flow menu.
  5. Tap on print style, it will remove the extra page from your documents.

If you want to delete the blank documents then you can follow these steps in Google-Docs:

  1. Open the Google Docs application on your Android mobile or on iPhone.
  2. You can see the files in list or in grid format in your G docs app.
  3. Three dots you can see with all of your files, click on these three dots.
  4. Scroll down the option list and click on remove.


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