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How to Schedule Posts on WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular platform, and most blogs are on WordPress. We can publish blog posts on WordPress instantly and schedule posts as well.

Schedule post is very useful for the SEO of the website because when we publish the post at the scheduled time, then Google crawler easily gets to know when the post will be published on your website.

Like we can also observe on YouTube, whichever famous YouTuber publishes the fixed schedule so that the subscriber knows at what time and on which day the video of that YouTuber will be published.

Similarly, by doing this on the website too, we can get our posts indexed quickly, and it helps a lot in the SEO of our website.

How to schedule posts on WordPress?

Classic Editor

Step1: Login and go to the WordPress admin dashboard.

Wordpress login

You can type wp-admin next to your website URL ( to access the WordPress admin dashboard.

Step2: Create a new post

wordpress post

You can find the “Post” option on the left side menu bar. Click on “Post” and find a button ” New Post,” or you can hover the mouse on the post and click on new post.

Step3: Click on the “Edit” option

Schedule Posts on WordPress


Edit option you can find on the right sidebar in publish section. By default, whenever we publish a post, it gets published immediately.

Step4: Schedule Post

How to Schedule Posts on WordPress

Enter month, date, year, and time and click on the ok button. When you click on ok you will see the “Schedule” button click on it.

When you click on schedule, the post will be published automatically on the time and date you entered.

Note: You can use the classic editor plugin with Gutenberg editor and easily switch between them.

Gutenberg Editor

Step1 and Step2 will be the same with Gutenberg’s editor.

Step3: Click on “Immediately”

publish post Gutenberg

You can find the Immediately button on the right sidebar. Make sure you have selected “post” from post and block tabs.

Step4: Select the date and time

post schedule calendar

Select a date from the calendar and enter the time. If you want to publish immediately, then you can click on reset.

Step5: Click on Schedule

Schedule gutenberg post

Find the schedule button in the upper right corner on the top menu bar and click on it.

These are the ways to schedule posts on WordPress.

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