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3 Keywords everywhere alternative – Free SEO Extensions

If you are in the SEO industry then Keywords everywhere type tools always help you to do keyword research. In this article, I will share Keywords everywhere alternative free extensions with you.

With the Keywords everywhere alternative SEO extension list you can get the best and accurate results in keyword research.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere chrome extension is one of the most popular keyword research tools on the market.

This tool was free but because of the popularity of Keyword Everywhere, they convert it is paid tool. Now, you can buy keywords everywhere tool plan in just $10 and you will get 10000 created with this plan.

If you want to do keyword research free of cost, with the help of Chrome extension then you can use Keyword Research alternative tools.

Here is a list of the top Keywords Everywhere alternatives that you can use to get your work done.

1. Ubersuggest Extension:

Ubersuggest chrome extension

Ubersuggest is an amazing tool available free of cost. Ubersuggest is one of the top keyword research tools and it is owned by Neil Patel.

Recently, Neil Patel launched a Ubersuggest Google Chrome extension. With this Extension, you can do keyword research with your searched keywords on Google.

Once, you install this Ubersuggest extension on your chrome browser, then you will get data for your search terms.

These are the features of the Ubersuggest extension:

  1. You will get monthly searches and CPC in your search bar for particular keywords.
  2. Sidebar on the right-hand side, to show the related keyword in a selected country. You can get Suggestions, Questions, prepositions, and comparisons data in the sidebar.
  3. Ubersuggest chrome extension shows the Domain score and links for the first 10 results on SERP.

2. WMS Everywhere

WMS Everywhere is the alternative of keywords everywhere

WMS everywhere is an amazing browser extension you can do keyword research with this tool. You can see the related keywords of your search terms.

With WMS everywhere to you can get the total volume of the keyboard and the CPC below the search bar. You will also get a sidebar on the right-hand side of your search engine results page.

This extension is only available for Google Chrome, maybe in the future, you will get this tool on Opera and Firefox also. WMS is one of the best keywords everywhere alternative.

Features of WMS everywhere

  • Just Chill provides you keyword metrics like CPC and search volume
  • You can get the related keywords of your search term
  • You will get an option to change the country, so you can get the related keywords and their volume and CPC in different regions.

3. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer seo plugin alternative of keywords everywhere

With the keyword surfer tool, you can get the data of your search terms from over 70 countries worldwide.

It is the most amazing and perfect alternative of keywords everywhere.

More than one lakh users are using this extension and doing keyword research with the help of the keyword surfer tool.

After installation of this extension, you can get the total volume of searches and the CPC in the search box. You will also get a sidebar where you can find the keywords ideas.

You can also change the country to get a specific reason for volume and the CPC for a particular reason. This tool also offers a clipboard button in the right sidebar so you can copy all the keywords ideas with a single click.

Here are the features of a keyboard surfer

  • You can easily get the total volume of monthly searches of a particular keyword
  • For the primary keywords, you can get cost per click data
  • You can get the related searches data in the sidebar.
  • The clipboard button helps you to copy all the related searches data in a single click.
  • This tool shows you the estimated organic traffic and the total word count for ranking pages.
  • You can also get a focus keyword for that particular page in the search engine results page.

These are the best three alternatives to keywords everywhere.

There are many SEO tools are available in the market that we can use free of cost to do keyword research. But these three are the best tools for the Google Chrome extension.

Final thoughts on Keywords everywhere alternative extensions

These tools are helpful for beginners who just starting out. These Keywords everywhere alternative tools can help you to grow your website on initial stage but if you want to compete with the other website in your niche then you need to go with paid tools such as Semrush.


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