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Logitech c270 HD WebCam Reviews, Price, Specifications

Logitech C270 HD Webcam is good for offices and home. LogitechC270 Webcam gives you smooth video calls in widescreen.

You can connect your Logitech-C270 webcam with popular video call platforms like Skype and Zoom with noice reducing mic and auto light correction feature.

Logitech c270 HD WebCam Reviews, Price, Specifications
Front view
Logitech c270 HD WebCam Reviews, Price, Specifications
Tilt View
Logitech c270 HD WebCam Reviews, Price, Specifications
Side View
Logitech c270 HD WebCam Reviews, Price, Specifications
Webcam Mounted on Laptop

C270 Logitech Built-in audio and video quality

The decision by Logitech to include a microphone with noise reduction was excellent. Even in crowded homes and classrooms, the user’s voice is audible to everybody.

In terms of image quality, the C270 adapts well to changing lighting situations, resulting in brighter, more contrasted images that help subjects appear their best during video recording or conference calls.

Universal Clip

The universal clip of the C270 was created by Logitech to allow limitless mounting choices.

Users can mount the webcam to a monitor screen or laptops, or fold the clip and place the webcam on a table.

Logitech C270 HD WebCam full Specifications, Price and Details

1.Logitech C270 Technical Specifications:

c270 webcam have universal mounting clip that you can use on Laptop, Desktop and LCD.

Max Resolution720/30fps
Focus Type of Logitech C270Fixed Focus
Lense Material Plastic
Build-In-Mic TypeMono
Mic Range of Logitech C270 HDUp to 1m (3ft)
Mega Pixel of c270 Webcam0.9
Resolution1280 x 960
Focal length Optical4 mm
USB TypeUSB 2.0
Maximum Frame rate30 fps

2.Logitech-C270 HD Dimensions Details:

Height72.91 mm
Width31.91 mm
Cable length of C270 Cam5 Ft
Weight75 g

3.C270 Webcam System Requirements:

Logitech-C270 Webcam is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. These are the System requirements:

  • Windows 7 or Later
  • Mac OS 10.10 or later
  • Chrome OS™
  • USB port

These are the System Requirements of c270 webcam.

4.Logitech C270 price

Logitech-C270 price in USA: Check on USA Amazon

Logitech-C270 Price in INDIA: Amazon India

How can I setup Logitech C270 HD Webcam

  • Step1: Plug-in the USB of Webcam in your Laptop or Desktop
  • Step2: Mount your c270 webcam on the the LCD, monitor or Laptop
  • Step3: Install Logitech C270 Webcam Drivers
  • Step4: Open Skype or any other video call platform
  • Step5: Select Logitech C270 HD Webcam as your Camera on that platform

Now, you can use this LogitechC270 Webcam as your primary webcam on your laptop or Desktop.

How to fix ‘Webcam in Use’ Error with C270 Webcam

When two video applications are trying to steam your video at the same time then you will face ‘Webcam in Use’ error.

  1. Open Quick capture, read the message and find which other application is using your webcam at the same time.
  2. Close that application which is using the webcam
  3. If you are facing this problem on Skype or Zoom then close the LWS software to find the issue.
  4. You can check your PC documentation to check if you are using TV capture card. If you are using like TV capture card than disable it and

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