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Make money by Affiliate Marketing – 9 tips to get success

Do you want to work from home without entering the workplace and make money?

You can do affiliate marketing in a coffee shop or at home. So yeah, as you sleep and generate passive income. But there are a few things you need to know before you become a millionaire.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a procedure, and affiliate receives a commission to advertise products of another individual or company. The companion looks for products, promotes the products, and earns a share from every sale that it makes. Vending from one Website to another is monitored using affiliate links.

In simple words! Many companies selling things online and provide a free membership affiliate program. It’s easy to join, the same as creating a profile online.

You can register for the program and get a unique tracking link. Now you can utilize this particular tracking affiliate link when you write about your product to recommend the Website. If your reader/traffic buys something from your affiliate link, you will get a commission for that sale. 

Is that sounding easy?

Affiliate marketing average income?

Not easy to average the affiliate’s earnings because the earnings from the affiliate market are limitless. But, you can expect amounts between 1000$ – 10000$ a month if you are committed to this line of business.

What are the requirements to start affiliate marketing?

First, you need an offer that you can show to other people. There are tons of affiliate programs available in almost every niche.

There are some ways to promote your affiliate link:

  • Start a blog and market a product in a specified niche. A blog is the cheapest and most straightforward approach to create a marketing company. For instance: Start a blog on pet care, baby products, Etc.
  • You can buy traffic from PPC websites like Quora, Facebook, or Google and drive traffic to the affiliate services or products.
  • Promote products and services on YouTube Channel.
  • Promote affiliate products and services by email marketing.

Blogging is the most effective way to start affiliate marketing because it is straightforward, to begin with, a low investment. But, to get success and make money by affiliate marketing with a blog, you need patience and intelligent work.

Driving traffic to the affiliate products or service with the help of PPC ads are expensive and need more investment. But the returns are also high as compared to Blogging.

With YouTube, you can start promoting products or services free of cost.

Are you Exciting?!

Top tips to get success in Affiliate marketing

The marketing of affiliates is a passive source of income, but It’s competitive.

It would be best if you discovered what works and what does not work when you promote your products to be successful.

Sharing some tips with you to earn more money with affiliate marketing :

1. Choose Attractive Products

First, understand the market needs and research trendy products and services.

Beginners are starting to register on different affiliate programs and think more affiliate programs mean extra money. If you are considering the same, then you are not correct here!

Instead of promoting everything, focus on a few attractive and trendy products or services. Because you can’t focus on different things simultaneously, it is better to understand a few services and products and promote them with a profound explanation.

2. Use different Traffic Sources.

With different sources, you can drive more traffic. It increases the chance of a sale by getting more traffic to the page or post.

For Example, You can run ads by Google Adwords and can get targeted visitors to the page.

3. Track Performance

Performance tracking is most important because it helps explore what is good and what is not working.

Performance, Affiliate Marketing,

Example: If you placed one banner in your blog’s sidebar with an affiliate link and it can’t get many clicks. Then you can change that banner to another area. It will help you to understand which location for the ad banner of your blog is more profitable. 

4. Join Affiliate Forums and read as much as you can

You can quickly look for support on forums like STM or AffLIFT. People are happy to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers if you ask them.

Read “step by step” and “how-to” guides related to affiliate marketing because, with these guides, you will get detailed information.

5. Check other people’s ways and execute new ideas.

You can find many people with different ideas of marketing. Join them on social media platforms and keep an eye on them.

Make money by Affiliate Marketing - 9 tips to get success

If you get some ideas from other people, then store them in one folder and, after research, execute those ideas.

6. Honesty is the Key

Be honest with your viewers or visitors. Always provide an honest review and tell them all pros and cons.

People love to buy services or products from trustworthy people instead of desperate as a salesperson. 

7. Patience

Please don’t give up and have patience in Affiliate marketing because it is infrequent to start making money online from affiliate marketing from the starting days.


Always focus on “slow and steady wins the race.”

8. Use other sources to promote

If you are blogging, then don’t be stuck doing affiliate marketing on a blog. Instead, share your affiliate products by email marketing. 

Create a free ebook for your visitors and promote affiliate services and products in that book.

By using other sources to promote then you can earn more money by affiliate marketing.

9. Do CopyWriting and try selling to yourself.

Provide affiliate links in your article with gaps. For example, if you placed your affiliate link a single time on your page, visitors forget about it a minute later after scrolling.

Try to convince yourself to buy that product or service by reading your article. If you are ready to buy that product or service after reading your article or watching your video, then you are the next millionaire.

FAQ related to the Affiliate Market?

Who can become an Affiliate Marketer?

Well, somebody! Well, anybody! In comparison to other occupations that require years of education or training, unpaid internships, and entry-level employment, basically, anybody could become an affiliate marketer.

You don’t have to be in any particular area or standards of education or age. If you have access to the internet, then you are welcome to affiliate marketing.

Do I have to quit my job to become an affiliate marketer?

No, Because it is not a quick source of income. To become a successful entrepreneur and earn money by affiliate marketing, you need to spend months or years.

So, start this business with your job and first spend your time learning Web designing, WordPress, Writing articles, video editing, etc. If you are good at these skills, then you can become an affiliate marketer quickly.

When you achieve some of your targeted goals, then you can think about full-time affiliate marketing.

How can we promote Affiliate Links?

Blog, Youtube channel, Emails, PPC are the best option to promote your affiliate links. You can write an Ebook to promote your links, but you need to be good in writing skills.

Can I share Affiliate links on Facebook or Instagram?

Sharing on social media can also promote affiliate links, but some affiliate programs do not allow sharing affiliate links to Social media platforms.

So, check the terms and conditions of your affiliate program before sharing the links on Social media.

How can I sign up to be an affiliate?

Mainly there are two types of avenues available for affiliate marketers. First is the affiliate program, and the affiliate network is the second one.

With affiliate programs, you can sign up for a single company to promote the services or product. But an Affiliate network is like a junction. You can find many affiliate programs in one affiliate network.

You can find the procedure to sign up on the affiliate page of the website.

Do I have to pay to join the brand’s affiliate program?

No, it’s free to join any affiliate program. In addition, you can join multiple affiliate programs and share the link on a single page.

What are the cookies?

These are the small text files stored in the computer/mobile to store information about the user’s activity.

With the help of cookies, the performance of affiliate partners is tracked by brands. For example, suppose if your affiliate link is clicked by any user, but purchasing is not done by the user but cookies saved on the device.

Later, if the user purchases any product or service afterward, then you will get the commission.

Cookies’ period is dependent on different affiliate programs. 30 days is the most common period for cookies on affiliate programs


Affiliate marketing is a fantastic choice for people who wish to obtain control of their revenues by concentrating on income options depending on performance.

A motivated affiliate marketer can earn a passive income from their home’s comfort without having to worry about generating their product or service in cooperation with a seller.

Although the profession’s success depends on the marketing abilities of the affiliate, it might become an effective way to achieve your profit as a primary or secondary career.


If you have any question or your want to share your thoughts then please share in the comment box.

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