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Most popular WordPress themes to get the best SEO results

The first look of your website depends on your WordPress themes. There are thousands of free and paid options available in the market, but theme selection is essential for developing websites on the WP platform. (WP=WordPress)

Many people are not thinking about the theme for their website, and they choose randomly.

There are many paid and free good-looking themes available in the market but do not judge the book by its cover. Because of poor coding, search engine optimization issues, Slow speed bad responsiveness with different screens still exists.

This article will discuss how you can choose your WordPress theme and some crucial points you should keep in mind when selecting a WordPress website theme.

Important points that you consider when you select a WordPress theme for a website

SEO-friendly themes help in site optimization, and you need fewer resources to improve your website. These are some points you should check when you are selecting a theme. 

Should be Simple, Light and Fast

Lots of WordPress Themes are with Flashy animations, a Complex layout and with lots of colors, etc. But first, you need to choose your niche then decide flashy animations and complex designs you need or not.

In most cases, you don’t need these things. Make sure that your theme doesn’t have a detailed presentation.

Keep your theme simple and with minimal design because, with a complicated layout, your visitor can’t find their way around your website.

Flashy animations and complex layout, and lots of Designing on-page make it heavy and slow. So if you keep your theme simple, then it will load fast and you can decrease the bounce rate of your website, which will help you get more traffic.

Well structured ( Responsive theme )

More than 50% of traffic is generated from Handheld devices like mobile. 

The search results are different in mobile devices from desktop or Laptop. If your website theme is mobile responsive, then you can rank higher in mobile search results. 

Google loves responsive themes

More than 90% of WordPress themes are responsive by default. However, make sure your WordPress theme doesn’t have fixed-width layouts. A fixed-width Page layout means the WordPress theme is not mobile-friendly.

Test Your Theme Now

There are many options available to test a theme’s responsiveness. You can check whether the WP theme is responsive or not by resizing your browser screen. If your theme layout adjusts itself with screen width changes, then your theme is responsive.

Before selecting the theme, you can take the test with Google’s mobile-friendly test tool

Compatible with Caching and SEO Plugins

Caches are playing a significant part in boosting up the speed of your website. If you are returning uses that will come to your website, your website doesn’t have to fetch all things to show the result.

How do caches work on your website?

Plugins are the real power of WordPress. Plugins help to do anything with your WordPress website. SEO plugins help in on-page SEO, to make XML sitemap, and many other ways.

Please make sure that your WordPress theme is compatible with the plugins like SEO plugins, cache plugins, and all other essential plugins for the WordPress website. 


The WordPress platform is updating from time to time with new versions. Make sure your WordPress theme is compatible with the latest version of WP and updated plugins.

If the developers of that theme do not keep that theme up to date, you can face many problems in the future. 

Page Builders

Page builder plugins help you to create the page layout. By using page builders plugins, you can customize your WordPress theme design.

There are many things available with page Builders, but some other themes do not come with page Builders pre-installed. 

So if you select a theme without a page builder, you have to purchase that plugin separately.

Generate Good HTML

All browsers are showing the result in HTML format. You can develop your website in any language, but your browser converts it to HTML to display the frontend. 

Many Good looking themes generate lousy HTML, and this can affect your website performance. 

But it isn’t easy to analyze the source code for newbies. You can get help from professionals in this niche. 

But, W3C Markup Validation is another way to check if your WordPress theme is generating proper HTML or not. 

Compatible with different browsers

You need to do some basic tests of your WP theme, and Browser compatibility is part of that testing. 

Maybe your website is working well in your browser (Example: Chrome), but there might be issues with other browsers like Safari, Mozilla, etc. 

Don’t forget to test your WordPress theme in different browsers on Laptops or desktop and Mobile devices. 

Check Reviews

Reviews are the quickest and reliable way to check the themes for WordPress websites. On third-party platforms like Themeforest, Free WordPress themes, etc., you can find reviews by customers or users.

And these reviews indicate the performance and all other things in the theme. You can read that comments and check user reviews before the selection.

Why is theme selection important?

It’s essential to have a good web presence. When you go for SEO, search engines like Google rank your website higher and send organic traffic to your website. 

All know, content is the king, and the quality of content will help to boost traffic on your website. But, if you have a theme with minimal coding, fast speed, etc., you can get the best results.

Top 5 themes for your WordPress website with specifications 

1. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is the most popular theme for affiliate blogs, other informative blogs, and business websites. You can get fantastic load time with this theme with 100% schema optimization.generatepress theme, most populat themes,

You can use lots of customization options, or you can select the designs from the library. Download the accessible version of this theme from

GeneratePress Review – Full Features with Pros& Cons

  • Lightweight theme
    The significant part of this theme is that it is very lightweight. Because of this, it generates press load very fast. This theme is developers-friendly, and you can find many inbuilt options.
  • Customization Options
    You can achieve beautiful results very quickly because of the vast customization options. These options make it easy to build a website. You can customize things with the WordPress default customizer in this theme.
  • Responsive
    This theme is responsive, and you can control the responsive layout of this theme with the help of fantastic documentation of Generatepress.
  • Schema
    You will get a built-in schema in this theme. And schema is essential for Google to understand the content of the website.

Check price and full key features of GeneratePress Premium.

2. Astra

More than 1.2 Million Websites are using the Astra theme. You will get pre-built pages or templates like the GeneratePress theme.Astra theme, most popular themes,

There are lots of options available to customize without the knowledge of coding. This theme is an alternative to the GeneratePress in speed. But with more Pre-built website designs.

  • Page Builder
    You can choose your page builder tools with this theme. Astra Theme supports many page builders like Elementor, Thrive, Architect, Beaver, and many more.
  • Speed
    This WordPress theme is lightweight and sleek. The performance of this theme is outstanding, and page load time is significantly less. 
  • Responsive
    This website follows the latest SEO standards. You can have many mobile-friendly options with this theme. 
  • Schema
    You can add schema markup to pages with this theme. The schema will help to get more organic traffic to your website.

Get the Astra Pro or check the full specification on the official website.

3. OceanWP

It is the best theme for e-commerce websites. There are lots of demos available with customization options.

OceanWP, WordPress Theme, popular wordpress theme

You can select this theme for a wide range of categories, but it is suitable for e-commerce sites

  • E-commerce
    Best features & functionality available in OceanWP for improving cart and product pages.
  • Page Builder
    Customizable with page builder plugins. This theme supports Elementor, Visual composer, Beaver Builder, and Divi.
  • Design Options and Layout
    Lots of demos are available with OceanWP themes. You can select a specific Header, footer, sidebar, and more. 
  • Speed
    The speed of this website can’t beat Astra and Generatepress, but for an e-commerce platform, you can get better performance compared to others. 

Check more info about OceanWP on the official Website

4. Newspaper

For news websites or Shayari and Magazine websites, this is the best option. This theme supports Google Adsense and almost all the latest plugins.

Newspaper x, newspaper theme, wordpress theme, wordpress themes

There are many demos available in this theme, and you can have designs related to your niche in just one click.

  • Page Builder
    This theme has a fantastic Tag-Div builder. You can customize everything that you can see on the page.
  • Speed
    You can get 98 out of 100 in the google speed test. The performance of this website is excellent. By using AMP, you can get the best results in page loading.
  • Responsive
    The newspaper theme is fully responsive and follows the Latest SEO standard. You can customize the layout in different screen sizes by using Tag-Div.
  • Features
    Get trending and modern design with this theme. More than 100 pre-built websites are available, and you can customize almost everything in a newspaper WordPress theme.

Check price and other features of Newspaper Theme on Themeforest

5. Divi

The most popular and multipurpose theme for the WordPress site. With 165+ pre-built demo, this one is the most unique and customizable theme for a WordPress site.

Divi Theme, WordPress Theme, popular wordpress theme, wordpress theme, wordpress themes

With WooCommerce compatibility, this theme is the best option for you. For any niche, you can use this theme for your site. 

  • Page Builder
    Divi is available with a drag and drops page and post builder. All sections are customizable in this theme.
  • Responsive
    Fully responsive and mobile-friendly theme. You can customize the Divi theme with multiple screens.
  • Speed and Performance
    Divi is a light weighted theme, and you will get an excellent speed and fantastic performance.
  • Features
    With more than 165 pre-built designs, you can customize all sections in this theme. Divi page builder is the most amazing and one of the top builders available for WordPress theme customization.

Visit Divi’s Official page to checkout price and all the amazing features.

My Recommendations:

    • If you want to start an Affiliate marketing blog or informative blog with high speed and good performance then go with Astra and GeneratePress.
    • For an E-commerce platform, the OceanWP theme will be the best option for you with high speed and good performance.
    • For news and magazine blog Newspaper theme will be the best. This theme you can select for informative blogging.
    • Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme. To build Business websites you can go with the Divi theme.

Are you using any theme from this list or want to add another theme to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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