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7+ Amazing tips to Rank without backlinks on Google

Good Quality backlinks are not an easy task for beginners, but if you want to get traffic to your website without backlinks, this post is for you. In this article, you will get the 7+ Tips to Rank without backlinks on Google.

We all know that the quality of content is an essential part of blogging. Many bloggers writing quality content, but they face one problem: no traffic to their blogs or websites.

But you can get traffic without backlinks or with fewer backlinks on your blog or website.

Let’s have a look at my tips to get traffic without backlinks on your blog.

1.Target Low Competition Keyword to Rank without Backlinks

If you are writing quality content on a topic with high competition focus keywords, you can’t get traffic to your new blog. Because many reputed websites are already rank on the first page of Google with your focus keywords.

So, always search for the Low competition keywords related to your excellent or topic and write related posts with low competition keywords.

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How low competition keywords help us to rank

You can find unlimited keywords with low competition and high search volume. These common competition keywords are helping to rank our blog without backlinks. Let’s see how!

Low competition keywords mean fewer contributors write about the same or fewer data available on Google if we search on particular keywords. And, these keywords are not targeted by reputed blogs with High DA and PA, or they have the same topic on their blog but with fewer data.

There are many factors to measure the competition of a keyword. Some tools are available to help you find and analyze the keywords and rank without backlinks.

SEMRUSH and Ahrefs are the two best tools are available in the market to analyze any website or keyword and many things. These are the paid tools, but there are many tools available with free versions like Ubersuggest.

You can use these tools to find low competition keywords.

If you write on low competition keywords, you don’t have to think about the backlinks, only the quality of your content matters to rank on Google.

So if you want to rank without backlinks, then write on the keywords with low competition.

2.Use related search keywords.

You can find related search keywords on the search result page. When you search the focus keyword on google, then you will find related keywords on the last of the search results page.

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Use these keywords in your content to get more traffic on your website without backlinks.

When Google crawlers crawl your page and find these related keywords with your focused keyword, then it indicates to Google that this page is full of information.

These related keywords in content help you to rank websites without backlinks.

3.Analyze competitor’s content

When you search the focused keyword on Google, you will see the top results on the search result page. Open these links and analyze the content of those websites.

Make a list of top 10 links on the notepad and write the total words counts, total images, Gif if any, and videos on those pages or posts. Write 500 more keywords in your article than your competitor.

Example: Suppose your want to write about the most popular WordPress themes to get the best SEO results, then search these keywords and count the total words of the top 10 links with a word counter.

word counter

Now check the word counts on every link, suppose you find 2500, 2200, 1875, etc., word counts on top links, then write your content more than 3K words.

4.Use images in your content and optimize the images

If you want to rank without backlinks, images will help you the most. Images will improve the user experience on your pages.

These images will engage the readers on your page and help to increase the session time.

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Optimize your images on your website to avoid the low speed of your website. These are the points for image optimization:

  • Use small size images on your posts ( Less than 50kb)
  • Add related Alt tags on all images
  • Write a description of your images
  • Use an image with the corresponding title ( Avoid like Image36485.jpg)

Google cannot read the text in your image but can understand the image with Alt tags, title, and description.

This is an example of an alt tag of image: <img src=” seo-friendly-article.jpg” alt=” write SEO friendly article”/>

Images increase the load time of your page, so avoid heavy images on your post. You can optimize the size of pictures with plugins if you are using WordPress.

5.Improve the Post Structure

Post structure is also an essential part. Create a clear structure to rank on google without backlinks.

  • Short introduction of your post with the focus keyword
  • Main content with related keywords
  • Conclusion with a summarization of your main content or write a conclusion.

It is the way to write a good post. Always use headings and subheadings in your content with small paragraphs. Don’t use more than 3-4 lines in one section in your article.

6.Write on New and Trending topics.

Bloggers can’t create a large number of quality backlinks on new topics quickly. So, if you are a new blogger, you can rank your post without backlinks on the latest and trending topics.

trending topic, trending topics

Imagine how much traffic you could have brought to your blog if you had written about covid in 2019 when covid came into existence.

You do not need to create backlinks on trending and new topics, and you can rank even without backlinks because there is no competition on that topic, and search volume is also high.

Google trends can help you to find the trending and new topics in your niche.

7.Post articles on evergreen topics.

Select some topics for your blog posts, which people constantly search. There are many topics which people search for a short time, like festival quotes.

So, cover as much as evergreen topics which do not have competition or have very little. If you write posts about evergreen topics, then you will never lack the traffic on your blog.

8.Do on-page SEO

If you optimize your post and write an SEO-friendly article, more than 70% of your work is completed to rank without backlinks.

You need to do on-page SEO to rank your blog without backlinks but make sure the topics have low competition.

If you want to know about on-page SEO or write SEO-friendly articles, you can read our guide.

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