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How to Switch, Delete and Create Multiple Youtube channels?

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  • How to create Multiple Youtube Channels
  • Switching between your Youtube channels
  • How to delete multiple Youtube Channel

YouTube is the most popular and free video hosting site owned by Google, and it’s also the best way for Video creators to market their videos at no cost.

Before we start, it is essential to have a Google Account. Google account will allow you to log in to YouTube.

It’s not late if you haven’t yet created a YouTube account to represent your business. You can check our guide to create a new YouTube channel and full Setup guide.

How to create Multiple Youtube Channels

To create Multiple Youtube channels, you have to log in on the YouTube platform. Now follow these steps:


create Multiple Youtube Channels

Go to YouTube’s home page, and look for the Settings option in the left sidebar. Scroll down on the left sidebar, and you can find the Setting button.


After clicking on the Setting button from the sidebar, you will redirect to another page. The Accounts option will be selected by default in the sidebar, or you can select manually.

add or manage your channel, Youtube manage channel, manage channel on YouTube, YouTube channel

Find the option Add and Manage your channel (s), and click on that link.


create a channel on YouTube, create new channel, new channel , 2nd channel, another channel

Now, the list of all your channels will appear on the page, if you have any, and you can add a new channel by clicking on CREATE A CHANNEL.

After this step, you will be redirected to another page, and you can write your channel name and create your new YouTube channel.


Now you can give a name to your channel from this page and click on the check box and on create button.

Change your channel name on youtube

After this step, you will redirect to your new YouTube channel page.

Youtube channel page

With these steps you can easily create a new channel on Youtube.

Switch Youtube accounts/Channel

If you have multiple YouTube channels, then you can switch from one channel to another without signing out from YouTube.

Switch Youtube channel

To switch one Youtube channel to another, you can follow this guide:

  1. Go to Youtube Page, and if you are signed in, then click on your channel icon. You can find that icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Now find the Switch Account option from the drop-down list, click on Switch Account.
  3. Now, you will get the list of your channels.
  4. Click on that channel which you want to choose.
  5. Now, you will be redirected to the Youtube page with the selected channel.

How to delete your YouTube channel?

Step-by Step guide to delete Youtube channel.

If you want to delete the Youtube channel, then you can do it within few minutes. Maybe you don’t like the name of that channel and want to create a new channel with a new name. Or, you can have many different reasons to delete your Youtube channel.

But, if you want to rename your channel, then you can checkout out step by step guide “How to change Youtube channel name.” You can change the name of your Youtube channel and don’t need to delete it to change the name.

To delete the YouTube channel, follow these steps:

1st step

Login to your Youtube account and switch to the channel which you want to delete. If you have only one channel, then you can skip this step.

2nd step:

Find the Settings option in the sidebar on the home page of YouTube, and click on settings.

3rd step:

Delete YouTube account, delete YouTube channel, advance settings, YouTube

Now you will redirect to another page. Now, find an option called ” Advance settings.” There are two options you have to go to the advance settings.

4th step

When you click on advance settings or view advance settings, you will be redirected to another page. And you can find an option to delete your channel.

Delete YouTube channel

Now, click on “Delete Channel

5th step

Now, Google will ask you to log in again with your Google account. After login, you can see two options on the new page.

  1. I want to hide my content. 
  2. I want to delete my content permanently.

If you want to hide your content or channel, you can select the first option and click on the check box

Delete, YouTube, account, channel, new, branded account, branded channel

But, delete your channel permanently, click on the second option, click on checkboxes, and hit the delete account button.

6th Step

Enter channel name

Now one popup will come to your screen and asking to enter your channel name in the text field for confirmation. Enter your channel name and click. On the “Delete my Content” Button.

You can see one notification from Google/Youtube that your content is being deleted.

Your content is being deleted

It’s done!

I hope now you know that “how you can create, delete, and switch your YouTube account?”


How many YouTube channels can I monetize?

There is no limitation on the number of channels you can monetize. You can monetize all of your YouTube channels If you have a minimum of 1k subscribers and 4k hours total watch time over the last 1 year or 12 months on your channel.

Is the Youtube channel is free or paid?

Yes, it’s free, you can watch YouTube videos free of cost. However, if you want to upload videos on YouTube, then you can create Channels without paying a single penny.

Can I use a Gmail account to log in on YouTube?

Yes, when you create an account on any Google platform like Gmail, then you can use that same account with other Google platforms like Youtube.

Can I sign in on Youtube without a Google Account?

No, you can’t sign in on YouTube without a Google Account. Youtube is owned by Google and if you want to log in or sign in on YouTube, you will need to have an account (Google Account).

Do I need a Google Account for YouTube?

Google has many products and services like -Youtube, Gmail, Blogger, Maps, Analytics, and more. You can log in on YouTube or any other service with Google Account.

But, If you want to surf YouTube, then no need to have a Google account. You can surf the YouTube platform without a Google account.

How many YouTube channels I can create with a single account?

Maximum, 50 YouTube channels you can create with a single Google account.

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